She transformed her own derriere by doing less cardio and more  weights, and now an Aussie fitness enthusiast has revealed how you can achieve a better butt too.

Perth-based Madalin Frodsham felt “sluggish” before she embarked on a lifestyle change – and saw her body transform in the process.

“I started working out with Kayla Itsines’ guides in January 2016 and progressed into weights, later in the year,” Madalin explains on her blog. 

“I’m now a certified personal trainer with a passion for lifting and my favourite exercises include the hip thrust and deadlift.”

Been a while since I have shared my own transformation photo so here ya go! I’ve been thinking about my progress and how I would have felt if I had seen this “after” picture when I started. I would have been pretty stoked! Looking at this picture, I’m really proud of my progress. But I still find myself comparing my progress to others and feel that I am constantly chasing some form of perfection. The thing is, there is no end date. You may have an end goal of X kgs or X waist measurement or X booty size. But if you do get there, you will most likely find yourself chasing another goal, possibly not content that you achieved your previous goal. When I started all I wanted to see was visible abs and then I did that and then I wanted to grow my butt and then I did that and then I wanted bigger quads… and still waiting on that! The point is that I would have a physical goal for my body and then achieve it and be happy for maybe 1 minute and then put all my energy and focus into another goal. It makes for continuous disappointment and not a very healthy body image. This year I’m working on being strong, healthy and fit and planning to enjoy every day as it comes. Be happy now. Not happen when. ? Wearing @437swimwear in my “after” pic

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Madalin is known for achieving the perfect “bubble butt” and now she has revealed how you can do it too.

Use a resistance band

“This helps so much to establish a mind/muscle connection which so many people struggle with when working their glutes,” Madalin told New Idea.

“They might feel it more in the hamstrings or quads and not in their glutes.

“I use one in almost every workout that I do, from bodyweight exercises to thrusting 100kg, a resistance band will bring that burn.”

Activate your glutes before a workout

According to Madalin you have to ‘wake up’ your bum before you start exercising in order to see results.

“This will establish a mind/muscle connection with your glutes. If you don’t feel it in your glutes, it’s not working,” she says.

“I like to do a mix of exercises that target different parts of my glutes. I do crab walks, donkey kicks and bird dogs with a mix of resistance bands and ankle weights.”

Try the 5×5 method

“A good exercise program will include a mix of high rep, low weight exercises and low rep, high weight exercises,” Madalin explains. 

“I include a strength day in my program where I work at increasing the strength in my lifts.

“I use the 5×5 method, 5 reps for 5 sets and rest for 3 minutes between sets. I’ll do hip thrusts and glute bridges to build my strength.

“The glutes are the biggest muscle in the body, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can start to thrust 100kg!”

Reflecting on an incredible year that has been ? We always go into the new year filled with hope and excitement for what it will bring, and I can’t wait to see what I achieve in 2018! I have learnt so much this year, and grown so much as a person, and not just talking about my butt here haha. Although I’m always here for booty appreciation ? ?? Feeling pretty damn pumped for the new year, who doesn’t love a fresh start?! Don’t want to be all new you, new you but new year, new you ?? I started my fitness journey in January 2016 as a New Years resolution to finally get fit and start taking care of my body. 2 years later, I haven’t looked but (well only to take belfies lols). If there was ever a time for you to take that first step, now is the time! Join me this year and let’s smash it! It’s your time ?? #bodybymg

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Madalin’s top exercises for a better booty include:

– barbell hip thrusts

– dumbbell glute bridges

– cable kickbacks

– cable hip abductions

– paused front loaded squats

– feet elevated dumbbell glute bridges

– single leg hip thrusts

– back extensions

– walking lunges

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