At a time where extreme celebrity weight loss tips are a dime a dozen, it’s refreshing to hear of advice that’s not only effective but super simple to sustain. Enter Lara Worthington (nee, Bingle). Her secret to staying in shape? Balance – in every sense of the word.

“Exercise is my favourite part of the day because it’s my own time,” she told OK! Magazine. “I’m not on my phone, working or thinking about anything.”

Although she mainly hits up the gym, a recent move to LA from New York has prompted her to take these sweat sessions outside

“My routine is all mat work. Lots of sit-ups and leg lifts at high repetition at a low weight, no more than five kilos,” she explained. “I love outdoor activities and I run a lot. I also do Ballet Beautiful – it really works your body in a different way compared to the gym.

And much like her workouts, Lara’s eating regime is very straight-forward: the mum-of-two sticks to a “mostly vegetarian/pescatarian” diet, which she credits to feeling “more energetic, fit and toned.”

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“I eat a lot of salad, rice, beans and bread,” she said, adding that she’s partial to indulging on occasion. “I love pizza,” she admits. “That’s [my husband’s] favourite food, so we eat pizza twice a week.”

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