Sometimes one of the best motivators to workout is thinking of wearing that exciting new activewear you just bought. 

This was the case for a College of Charleston student, who wore her new outfit (a crop top, leggings and sneakers) to her university gym.

But when Sarah Villafañe arrived ready to workout, the gym staff weren’t nearly as pleased with her look. They gave her two options: either she could ‘put on a shirt’ or leave the premises.

She took to Facebook to express her frustration at the incident.

“When I walked into the gym, they asked me to put on a different shirt,” Villafañe wrote. “Obviously I didn’t bring an extra shirt to the gym and wasn’t about to wear my flannel while working out.”

“Then, when I’m in the BACK CORNER of the gym doing abs on the floor, another staff member comes up and asks me to “put my shirt back on.”

“I said “I have a shirt on.” They say “no that’s not a shirt. You have to wear a whole shirt” I say “how is this not a shirt?” And she says “You need full coverage. If you have a problem, we always have our boss here.” I laughed and said “Alright bring him over here if he has a problem.”

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After this, the boss came over and insisted that she ‘put a shirt on’. She finally gave up and just left, because clearly they had different definitions of what a shirt was.

She finished off the angry Facebook post by saying, “I bought this outfit to work out in because it’s COMFORTABLE. What is the issue? Why can’t I work out in this outfit? Is my belly button distracting to the general 85% male demographic that your gym serves? I’m forced to leave, WHY? Honestly I’m so floored that I just got kicked out for this. DO BETTER COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON.”

Later, the university gym informed her that the reason they had an issue with it was for ‘sanitary concerns’, however they didn’t tell her this at the gym. 

Given the recent trends for activewear, we doubt there should be much concern wearing it in a gym. Maybe it’s time to update the rules.

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