Want the buns of a Victoria’s Secret model? This move is about to become your go-to.

Adriana Lima was spotted giving her lower body a workout at NYC celeb hotspot Dogpound over the weekend, and her exercise of choice is guaranteed to set your glutes on fire.

“The rainbow is an incredible way to work your booty from all angles without overworking your quads or hamstrings,” trainer Katie Dunlop tells SELF. 

“You work all three gluteus muscles: your gluteus medius, maximus and minimus.”

Unlike regular kneeling leg lifts, rainbows will have you moving your glutes up and down and back and forth, fast tracking your way to a stronger, firmer butt. This is not only great for helping you lift more weight, but will also keep your body in proper alignment.

The bonus? Rainbows are also great for building up core strength (read: washboard abs).

“There’s a stability challenge with this exercise which means you will be working your entire core as well,” Dunlop adds.

To try rainbows for yourself, start in a tabletop position, making sure your shoulders are stacked over your wrists and your hips over your knees. Keeping your core braced, and your shoulders straight, look down at the floor. 

“Extend one leg long behind you. Move that leg as far out to the side as you comfortably can,” explains Dunlop. “Engaging the glutes, point your toes as you lift the leg up and over to the opposite side in an arch motion, squeezing at the top.”

Repeat this, continuing the motion back and forth for up to 15 reps. Aim for three sets on each side.

If you really wanna amp it up, take a leaf out of Lima’s book and try elevated rainbows, or simply add leg weights. 

“Doing this on a box allows for greater range of motion, which will challenge flexibility and strength more than simply performing it on all fours on the floor,” Dunlop says.

Who needs angel wings when you have killer glute strength, anyway?

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