We’ve learned a lot from Kristen Bell (mainly that celebs aren’t immune from embarrassing parenting blunders and that anal worms are legit a thing). But as for her most useful pearls of wisdom, these mental health hacks def top the lot.

Utilising Instagram’s latest ‘questions’ feature, one follower asked her to share her best coping mechanisms for anxiety.

“CBD from @lordjones, getting outside, naming 10 things I love for every 1 thing I don’t, hugging my girls, my husband and my dog, doing something calm and nice for a friend, cooking, gardening and meditating,” she responded.

And when another fan wondered what helped her “get through mental illness,” the 37-year—old replied: 

“Always keep trying. Don’t give in. Talk to friends, [a] therapist, take CBS or a medication, get outdoors, work out, write down lists of positive things.”

As for how she handles ‘hard days,’ Kristen has a few go-to strategies for herself and her kids. 

“Negative memories stick in [your] brain more than positive ones,” she said. “When I’m down, I try and think of 10 positive things. I make my kids do it too. When they complain, I say ok! Now name 10 things you love!” 

Inspired? Us too.

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