Here are the eight biggest errors that have crept into your daily Routine – and the tips on making it better:

Fail #1: pop the pimples

Of the classics, we are probably all wrong. The solution is quite simple: It expresses simply no pimples. Point. Why?

1. The finger nails dig into the skin and can leave scars.

2. It is expressed on the skin seat bacteria deeper into the pores and/or in the tiny, open skin wounds. And Hardly anyone manages to squeeze the clogged or inflamed pores really clean. A sebum remains rest in the sebaceous hair follicles, glands and the pimples to start to sprout again. Usually even worse from before.

Solution: A facial cleansing brush (e.g. Clarisonic), the ultrasonic motion with regular use, impurities from the pores "schleudert". (Here we have even more tips on how you can get rid of pimples overnight)

Fail #2: remove contact lenses incorrectly

It is clear, you must take out at night lenses. Just how? Who is pulling the very thin and sensitive eyelids, deformed here for the duration of the skin area. This makes them SAG and wrinkled to be. A habit is especially bad: The lenses with a strong pull at the eyelid from the eye "springen" to let. Just as wrong is it, to RUB with the towel after the shower on the eyes, or in the Meeting with the fingers vigorously in them to poke around. Sounds silly, admittedly, but the modern dermatology today knows the difference between men faces who have made it for decades is wrong, and those who can look forward to a tight area around the eyes.

Solution: the contact lens to remove, the slightly old-fashioned "Dümpel" use, the sucks, the lens by under pressure and the things quite easy from the eye catching up. As a General rule: to Listen, to tug at the skin and massaging you every day a little eye cream a gentle.

Fail #3: Dirty Pillows

Unbelievable but true: the pillow have a significant effect on your appearance: your personal pillow is a time full of skin oils, dead skin cells, bacteria. The excreta of house dust mites. Disgusting. The weight of a two year old pillow is up to 10 percent of dead dust mites and dust mite excrement. Getty Images GQ Fitness

Problem: If you look to the right, rotates and rolls, pushes you all in the pores.

Solution: The pillows in the six-week cycle at a minimum 60 degree wash in the washing machine. PS: The pillowcase at least every week to wash, like with the rest of the bedding. This is especially true for house dust Allergy sufferers.

Fail #4: Only the face cream

Skin care of the face is important. BUT: there is Hardly a man rubs lotion on your neck! This is exposed just like the face, constantly all external environmental influences. It is just the way it is: Eventually, environmental toxins and heavy force to beat here, too, and the formerly youthful, firm neck is sagging and wrinkled. You can hesitate with targeted care is pretty good also.

Solution: the complete neck cream. With moisturiser and sun protection (see next point). Whoever intercedes and special Treatments, like a facial scrub or a mask, note: All of the products you can also expand on the neck. (The best skin care lines for men you can find here)

Fail #5: Not to apply sun-protection

You can’t say it often enough: According to latest research, a high light-protection factor of at least SPF 30 (broad-band) is essential, and the simply best Anti-Aging tip of all. Because UV light causes the skin to age prematurely. So, Yes, really every day. Also in the Winter. Even on cloudy days. Also in the office. The sun shines until it goes down. Point. (You can find the best products on the subject of sun protection)

Solution: sun protection just like brushing your teeth in the morning Routine to accommodate. As simple as that. For those who like to go further, and resulting skin damage would like to correct, combines an anti-oxidant rich Serum (e.g. "CE Ferulic" Skinceuticals), then it (not Vice versa) its a moisturiser, and, finally, the UV-protection (in this order).

Fail #6: talk on the phone

Here, too, the wrinkle-devil is in the Detail: Who clamps his Smartphone to make Calls between the head and the shoulders, on the road a lot surfing, emails, checks in, reads, or plays, it is clear appearance faster older than he thinks. The strong Abkrümmen of the neck, respectively, the constant up and Down Look, as well as the eyes, squinting, to read on the small screen: All of this leads to visible skin aging. The science even has a name of its own: the "Smartphone Face".

Solution: The telephone between the neck and shoulder pinch, but the use of a Headset. The System font increase and the maximum light brightness setting (so you don’t tweak when reading the eyes). If you look on the Display, the Phone is best at eye level.

Fail #7: clean The face too strong

Men men do everything with full throttle. You think: Everyone who has abgekärchert his terrace in advance with a high-pressure cleaner that knows how to clean his skin. Wrong: Each wash cycle, with detergent and warm water, rinsing important lipids from the skin. Now can happen, depending on the condition of the skin, two things.

1. Dry skin dries out even more. The protective layer, which is responsible for sealing moisture in the skin is evaporated more permeable and the skin moist simply. At the same time can penetrate from the outside bacteria and aggressors (nicotine, respirable dust, etc.) lighter and the complexion irritate. The result: the unpleasant tension feeling dry, flaky skin, redness.

2. Oily complexion is oily. Because the skin reports the supposedly "gründliche" Cleaning as an attack, and moves as a reaction, your shield: it Is called: you apply grease. And a oily grease film is formed, impurities can settle.

Solution: in the Evening, a mild cleaning, and only with a maximum of lukewarm water to rinse. In the morning, or, for example, after the Work-out, enough to clear the water. And, in General, the body shower gel is not suitable for facial cleansing. It dries to a very. (Here are our tips for a well-groomed face)

Fail #8: Neat to dig in

The following Situation: you know you have in the morning an important Business appointment? Then you would not put Yes, probably deep into the night at the Bar-counter. Similar applies to the skin: Who knows today, that he wants to look good for tomorrow, should abstain from alcohol, because it deprives the skin a lot of moisture, as a result, sallow and grey. Just like caffeine, by the way, if you are not accustomed to (the metabolism of coffee Junkies not responding so much to the black fortune). But that Just "schädlich" for the good look of a lot of salt and sodium (keyword: Pizza, Pasta, burgers) are, as a result, the face looks the day after, swollen, the dark circles become more prominent and since then helps in the morning, no eye cream.

Solution: Before any important appointments the day before from noon on alcohol, caffeine, salt, and sugar without.

This article was written by (Constantin Herrmann’s Beauty Director, GQ)

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