Regular Jogging strengthens the cardiovascular System, the immune system, has a positive effect on metabolism and can also a healthy Psyche, endurance training help. But how much Training is necessary? Not everyone wants to run a Marathon, to do something for his health. An Australian team of researchers from the Institute for Health & Sports of the Victoria University in Melbourne has gained new insights about it. (Also read: abdominal muscles for an efficient Jogging)

Running: 50 minutes per week

Already 50 minutes weekly Jogging can increase life expectancy significantly. “This is good news for those who don’t have much time for sports,” says Professor Zeljko Pedisic, has evaluated together with his Team, a number of studies on the relationship between Running and mortality risk. “But there are those that should not discourage those, who like to run longer and more often,” the Professor continued. Over 230,000 subjects were investigated in these studies, in a period of 5 to 35 years. In the evaluation of this meta-analysis, published in the “British Journal of Sports Medicine”, the researchers amazing results.

Jogging can extend the life of

Anyone who regularly goes Jogging, compared to Non-joggers, therefore, a 27 percent reduced General risk of death. Added to this, training for running the risk of dying of cardiovascular disease by 30 percent reduced. And also on the risk of cancer of the Sport has: The probability of dying is reduced by 23 percent. These advantages were even found in those who only go running once a week, or less than 50 minutes per week. (Also read: These 3 mistakes almost every Work-out)

The conclusion: Any exercise is better than not Jogging at all, and can increase the life expectancy. However, the researchers found no evidence to suggest that with a higher dose of the Benefit in terms of life expectancy increases. It’s nothing to be said but on the other hand, to go more often and for longer Jogging.

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