Matt’s gonna keep your sweat sessions varied and enjoyable, but one thing he isn’t down for? Excuses. 

“That’s a big one for me,” says the PT, who works out of boutique gym P.E. Dept. “If someone’s not feeling motivated, training with them can help, giving support and credit where credit’s due.” 

Other ways to keep our arses moving?

“Set small goals. If you don’t have a goal, you’ll find it easier to roll over in bed and not go for that run or to the gym.”

Matt’s own relationship with exercise started when he was a teen, and it eventually led to him becoming a pro.“I was obese, and I remember sitting on a chair and grabbing my stomach. I realised I didn’t want to live that way, so I put my joggers on and started running that day. Since then, fitness and health has been a centrepoint in my life.” 

Train like Matt

Stick to full-body moves: “deadlifts, thrusters and burpees work more than one muscle group, so you get more bang for your buck.” 

His workout trend o watch? The use of weighted torsion bars. Get on ’em! 

Random Intrigue

Matt’s launched a range of active compression underwear called PocJox, with sweat-resistant phone pockets. 

To find out more about Matt check out his Instagram @mattchapman_au

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