Who wants to live a healthy life, you must consider some a healthy diet that supplies the body with all the important vitamins and nutrients. At the same time movement should be an integral part of everyday life. But how much exercise is actually recommended?

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) recommends adults to invest daily 30 minutes of physical activity five days a week.

In this way, the risk of various diseases can reduce: cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, obesity, cancer or back problems, these include. At the same time physical activity has a positive effect on the Psyche.

For many, this intention can not be with the professional work agree, although it keeps the body healthy in the long term, and the risk of death significantly reduced.

The results of a respräsentativern survey of Splendid Research, the behavior in the order of FIT FOR FUN, the health of 611 people between the ages of 18 and 69 years of age in the workplace has investigated.

German work Sitting

Whether behind a Desk or the wheel – more than a third of the spend from 80 to 100 percent of their daily work in a Sitting position.

Even if movement is an important factor for a healthy body, not create even half of all the employers, to incorporate a movement break in your everyday life.

Employees a plan, however, mainly pauses in Motion, such as walks or special Exercises, in their daily work, to the dangerous risks of everyday sitting counter.

The sin in between

A working day can be long and in-between meals a plagues all of a sudden the appetite – suddenly the handle to the Snacks. Almost 61 percent of the German attack, in addition to their main meals during the work Snacks.

Not always, it is a healthy Alternative such as fruit, vegetables or nuts.

About 28% of German indicate that you snack on only healthy Snacks, while 62 percent choose some healthy Snacks – it may also be chocolate or a piece of.

Between work and leisure

An Apple here, and maybe a piece of cake – the combination of daily Sitting and in between time Snacks not only takes influence on the long-term health, but also on the body.

Even if 58 percent of all Germans claim to have during your job is not to put on weight, claim 23 percent of the opposite. Who wants to keep in his income everyday be weight or even lose weight, the only option is to sports remains.

However, not every professional has the opportunity to integrate sports activities into the daily work and, especially, German employers say they are not or only to a limited extent be able to exercise Sport.

On the side of the workers more freedom on offers in this regard. Only 18 percent indicate that Sport and work absolutely do not agree with each other.

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Measures taken by the employer

To workers, many employers, measures for a healthy diet and preventive movement to expand. Two-thirds of employees indicate that healthy Alternatives are in your professional life or in part.

Nevertheless, the majority of employees wants more healthy options in the workplace – for example, fruit or healthier meals in the cafeteria.

Also in terms of motion even more desires are according to the German employee is open – such as concessions chairs in fitness studios or ergonomic office.

The courage to be their own initiative

Whether it is a lack of free time or a lack of opportunities in the workplace – a lot of things you can do to support the health in the long term.

Instead of spending the lunch break in the building, you should use the time for a walk in the fresh air, and his body again.

Also in the area of nutrition, many Alternatives to the canteen to offer food with very little effort, a healthy meal for several days can be pre-cooked.

(With the collaboration of Splendid)

Michelle Steinmetz

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