Two with the new Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 infected passengers aboard the cruise ship “Diamond Princess” in Japan died.

For the first time, there are also two Dead in Iran, the route of transmission of syphilis was initially completely unclear. A first case of death of South Korea reported.

There is the fear of the spread of the Virus-induced lung disease Covid-19 to go to a accumulation of new infections.

In China, meanwhile, there is again confusion: Again, the counting of confirmed infections has changed. Outside of mainland China more than ten Covid have been 19 Deaths recorded, dozens of people are in critical condition.

Even a Chinese scientist questions in the meantime, the epidemic can still be stopped and the Virus disappears.

Covid-19 could be to an established disease such as the flu, said Wang Chen, President of China Academy of Medical Science, in the state television.

Coronavirus continues to spread

In South Korea, the number of detected infections within a day doubled to 53 to 104. A man died in a hospital in the southeastern city of Cheongdo, as the centers for disease control and prevention said.

Many of the new cases were reported from Daegu and the province of North Gyeongsang. The authorities suspect that many of the Affected, infected with a Sars-CoV-2-infected women, when she visited in Daegu, the worship of a Christian sect.

In Daegu, around 2.5 million people live. Out of fear of an uncontrolled spread of the Virus to remain temporarily at home.

Coronavirus has reached Iran

Completely unclear the extent of possible Sars-CoV-2 infections in Iran is currently. There are two Covid-19 deaths were reported on Wednesday in the city of Qom – was previously recorded in the country, and not one single infection. It should be two older men who were brought to the beginning of the week with breathing problems to the hospital.

According to the authorities, the persons Concerned were not in a foreign country and not even outside of their home city of Qom. Also, contact to Chinese tourists, they had not thus.

All schools and universities in Qom were provisionally closed as the state news Agency IRNA reported. The health Ministry has sent teams of experts in the religious city 140 kilometers South of the capital Tehran.

The relatives of the dead should be tested for the Virus. The nearly 1.2 million inhabitants Ghoms were asked to avoid physical contact.

The fear of a widespread pathogen is based on the fact that the vast majority of infections – currently a good 80 percent is mild with few or no symptoms.

The death rate is to the outside of China, collected data at about 0.2 percent, as the President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin, Lothar Wieler, said recently.

Less surprisingly, the deaths were among the passengers of the “Diamond Princess act”. Previously, it was known that more than 20 of the patients who had been infected on Board with Sars-CoV-2, are seriously ill.

Now a 84-year-old Japanese girl and a 87 year old female Japanese died, as the Japanese television station NHK reported.

Passengers of the cruise ship leaving

The disembarkation of the negative for the Virus tested, the passengers went on, meanwhile, as on the previous day, around 500 people from the Board went.

An Italian return flight was supposed to start, according to information from Rome on Thursday evening. The Italians also wanted to bring other Europeans to Rome. To the passengers who could return with the aircraft, to include four with German nationality and two of their spouses.

A couple wants to remain in Japan, two more are infected and will be treated in a Japanese hospital.

The cruise ship had been a proof in the case of a passenger two weeks in Yokohama quarantine. Under the original 3700 passengers and crew members were demonstrated to Wednesday 621 infections. All the victims were in the hospital.

On the journey home, the still in Cambodia, the remaining passengers of the cruise ship “Westerdam prepared”. Among them are German.

The shipping company Holland America Line have informed the passengers in a Hotel in the capital city of Phnom Penh on flight plans, notified by the German traveller, Stefan Habel, the German press Agency.

440 passengers should fly, therefore, expected to be on Thursday after the home – many of them with a Charter flight via Istanbul.

Meanwhile, the counting of infections has changed in China again. As the health Commission informed, not to be included, the clinical diagnosis, but now more than confirm cases in the statistics.

The hard-hit province of Hubei, where the Virus had broken out, had only begun last week, in order to also include such diagnoses.

The Doctors determine on the basis of lung images and the physical condition of the disease. Now only DNA testing laboratory to be relevant.

In the official statistics on Thursday, about 75 000 infections and more than 2100 deaths were recorded in the country. Experts expect but for a long time already with a much higher number of unreported cases.

The world’s largest Shipping company Maersk is now due to the Coronavirus outbreak from a weak Start to the year 2020.

The epidemic is made opaque, the Outlook for the year, clear-sighted, informed the Danish shipping giant, in announcing its figures for the year in Copenhagen.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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