Bananas come mostly from South America and are often cultivated in large monocultures.

To protect the bananas from pests, are sprayed with the products, almost always with pesticides.

The plant protection products can be not only for the environment and the people that the bananas from the plantations to pick, dangerous for us as a consumer, you are not without.

“In studies, residues of these plants are repeatedly demonstrated protective agent in the shell,” explains nutrition expert Sabine Hülsmann in a recent report by the Verbraucherzentrale Bayern.

Banana peels: So dangerous you can be

Pesticides can be harmful to health, but that was not everything that can be located on the shell of the fruit.

Also after the harvest, the bananas are handled by the authority, according to namely, for example, with Anti-mold agents, called fungicides.

This is to prevent the fruits rotting on the Transport at an early stage. “Especially bananas from conventional cultivation are affected,” it says.

Don’t worry: Is released the banana from its peel, there is no longer a danger. “Under the shell, with few or no pesticides to be found,” emphasize the experts in the report.

So eating bananas is safe

To take a safe food to you, you should keep in mind before the consumption of bananas on a few things.

“In the case of conventional goods, it is advisable to wash after Peeling necessarily the hands. Children should be exclusively the peeled fruit in the Hand,“ says Hülsmann.

Less burdened bananas from organic farming were. Who take organic and fair traded fruit bar is also an important contribution to better working conditions of the workers on site and a sustainable management of the environment.

Judith Kerstgens

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