Pathogens will accompany you throughout the day – on the way to work, when shopping or traveling, there is hardly a place in this world is free from germs.

Train station toilets, for example, to hunt for many people the thought a shiver down the spine. But public places are so unsanitary as you think you are?

This list shows which places are you charged regularly visit, particularly.

1. Toilets

Many people try to avoid public toilets as well as it goes. If it can then no longer prevent, will help acrobatic contortions, so that the toilet seat must be touched on no case.

In flushing, hand dryers, and co., which are used in the connection to the toietten aisle seat, clearly contaminated with germs than the toilet.

Important for women who do not sit down when you Urinate: more Dangerous than bacteria or viruses, the risk for a urinary tract infection. The if the squatting position, the bladder is not emptied completely.

2. Public Transport

Especially in the Winter, can be seen in buses and trains, how much some people struggle handles just not with the Hand handle – Jackenärme, scarves and handkerchiefs are as alienated like purpose.

And not without reason: According to a study by the University of Nottingham the users of public transport to go six times more often due to respiratory infections to the doctor as people move by car, by bike or by foot.

Nevertheless, hygiene experts agree that you can touch the handles in buses and trains safely with bare hands, if you wash your hands regularly, and not respects, to be in the face.

3. Fitness Studio

Sweaty body and fitness devices – an ideal breeding ground for bacteria & Co.? Gyms are germ-free, but among the small organisms, few are pathogenic types.

In a study of the Portals ‘Fitrated’ have been demonstrated on free weights and cardio equipment although most of the germs, but only a few, the gastro-intestinal-, respiratory – or urinary tract diseases can cause.

4. Hotels

Of hotel rooms, we expect certain Standards of hygiene, eventually you will be cleaned regularly and should be a place of relaxation.

Unfortunately, microorganisms carpets, a sink and a mattress love.

In the U.S. several Hotels of different price classes of micro-were taken biologically under the magnifying glass: In the studies, the researchers found numerous pathogens.

On the phones in the hotel rooms and even antibiotic-resistant bacteria could be demonstrated – a serious threat to the health.

5. Touch screens

The Smartphone is our constant companion in all of life, it is always on and therefore constantly touched. But also in the Public, we always come back with verkeimten screens into contact.

In the supermarket, for example, we touch the Deposit machines and distribute with the swipe of a finger, numerous pathogens on the touch screen.

“A colorful mix of fungi, influenza virus, or by the case agents gather on the Display,” says microbiologist Professor Reinier Mutters from the University hospital in Marburg. Especially scratches on the surface sites are ideal breeding.

Therefore, one should wash his hands regularly after touching in Public a screen. The Smartphone you should wipe down regularly with anti-bacterial wipes have been specially developed for use in technical devices.

To lurk is also home to viruses, bacteria, and co.

Not only in Public, also in the own four walls for some hidden Germ to be found, although one considers his apartment, presumably as a hygienic. Pathogens collect, for example, especially on doorknobs.

Therefore, they should be cleaned, especially in the Cold season regularly and disinfect. Who is already doing sit, you should also wipe the light switches and the remote controls of its technical devices.

Sabrina Böhme

*The Contribution Of “Caution, Risk Of Infection!: 5 everyday places where the most germs lurk” is published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.