We have all heard the saying that ‘summer bodies are made in winter’ and with summer literally just around the corner it is crunch time…literally. We have delved into the winter fitness trends of Aussies in 2016 around the country and where you live seems to have a big effect on what and when you workout.


The focus seems to have shifted this winter with 32% of you seeking help bulking up … maybe to look like the hunky Hugh Jackman? You are sticking to the weights area and neglecting the poor treadmills with a 7% decrease in cardio from last winter. 2 in 3 Sydneysiders are choosing to stay in bed this winter cancelling their bitterly cold and dark early morning workouts. Although they won’t be seen ordering a warm, buttery oh so delicious croissant with a 15% increase in requests from diet and meal plans in comparison to last year.


Brisk early mornings or late dreary nights? It seems that Melbournians (not as many as last year) have decided to tackle winter in broad daylight opting for working out during their lunch breaks and buffing up by taking things outside… enjoying outdoor workouts.

Coldest morning in 4 years? #perthisok ?

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Ah yes the people of Perth on the far west coast, the literal dark horses of Australia. Over on the WC fitties are focusing on building muscle and gaining strength this season. But they wouldn’t possibly skip out on any precious beauty sleep with most people opting to workout after work.



The sunshine state is getting well and truly bikini body ready. They are the most likely in the country to put in the hard yards this winter – some would argue it is because they don’t exactly have a real ‘winter’. A massive 59% of Brisbanites want to focus on being anything BUT massive this summer as they put a big focus on fitness through some hardcore cardio this winter.

How did you measure up? Does your workout fit the mold?

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