The state of your downstairs hair situation is something every person has preferences on — and those preferences don’t fly completely out the window just because you’re pregnant. Chrissy Teigen made that apparent on Wednesday when she asked her followers whether it was worth it to get a bikini wax deep in the third trimester of her pregnancy.

“I know it’s definitely more painful pregnant but is waxing down there while pregnant a litttttle bit worse or a lot a lot worse?” Teigen tweeted. “I can do a little bit worse.”

Teigen, enjoying the end of a still-healthy rainbow baby pregnancy (which is always such a great thing to hear!), joked about wanting to do her doctors a solid by taking care of the downstairs hair ahead of delivery — and while any good doctor will never give a single f-ck about what your hair situation is, we figured it was worthwhile looking into how safe it is to wax that deep into a pregnancy.

Now obviously hair removal is never a necessary thing to do for anyone — in fact, as SheKnows has previously reported that pubic hair down there (no matter how much you might be conditioned to hate it) is actually pretty good for you.

“Pubic hair helps to fend off bacteria and unwanted pathogens from entering the vaginal area, which helps to keep us from getting yeast infections and UTIs,” as Dr. Jessica Shepherd previously told SheKnows. “In other words, pubic hair is supposed to be there.”

But folks have their preferences and we respect that in this house. So what’s the deal with getting your wax on deep into a pregnancy?

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