More U.S. consumers are turning to ingredients from Australia to get this season’s coveted skin-care glow. In fact, with the growth of logos such as Frank Body and Crop Natural, Australia is emerging as a hotbed of activity.The latest brand gaining traction is Generation Clay, sister skin-care brand to Blaq (an activated charcoal skin-care line), which has already secured physical space in Barney’s, Space NK, Riley Rose, Anthropologie, Credo, Neiman Marcus and a number of independent retailers nationwide. The Australian clay-based products are sold online at sites including Revolve, Net-a-porter, Goop, Luckyscent and Dermstore. While physical stores are not in the immediate future, company founder Ryan Channing doesn’t rule out pop-ups.Generation Clay is a collection of multifunctional masks that purify, illuminate, refine and brighten. They are in tune with and encourage the current consumer social media-driven obsession: multimasking. Channing added that the lineup achieves a “lit-from-within” glow without makeup or social media filters. He attributes that to ingredients indigenous to Australia. “Australia is blessed with such a bounty of very unique flora and natural resources that until recently, has been fairly untapped. About 80 percent of Australian plant species are only found on the Australian continent. These native plants include plants such as eucalypts, acacias, casuarinas, hummock grasses and flowering plants, including banksias and kangaroo paw,” he said. The strength of the Australian sun accounts for the potency of the local plants, he added.Australian clays are combined with indigenous ingredients including Old Man Weed, Davidson Plum, Kakadu Plum and Desert Lime, to create the formulas said to cleanse, reduce environmental pollution and lessen dark circles. The debut products include a Millennial pink Kaolin Clay mask, a healing purple Bentonite Clay mask, and an impurity-purging white Activated Charcoal mask, that can be worn singularly, as a duo, or even as a trio, to multimask and treat multiple skin-care concerns simultaneously.Generation Clay has three mask options — the Urban Defense Purifying Pink Clay Mask, Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask and the Detoxifying Charcoal Clay Mask. All are priced at $39. To date, according to Channing, the Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask is the early U.S. crowd favorite. Next in the pipeline, said Channing, will be Generation Clay face scrubs and cleansers. 

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