“In the past, I was able to eat everything without gaining weight” – have you heard this phrase often, or even ever said? Most people of a certain age – and the weight loss all the harder for them. “More than 60 percent of adult men are übergewichtig", Dr. med explains. Marjana Schmitter, a specialist in nutritional medicine. According to the Federal statistics office, BMI lying in men over 35 years, with more than 40 percent in the area of Overweight and over 15 percent even in the area of obesity is rising. But why is that?

Where does the "Moppelfalle" from the mid-30?

You stand in front of the mirror and look at the rounded belly of the T-Shirt – a phenomenon with which most men in the age face. This also has a very specific reason, because the higher the age of the person needs less energy. "From about the age of 40. The age of the metabolism by 15 percent, because the body is surrounded by the building on the preservation of body mass and so the energy consumption sinkt", Marjana Schmitter explains.

This is particularly evident when you look at the guideline of the German nutrition society (DGE) necessary for the daily calories. While this is at the age of 19 to 25 years for men around 2400 calories per day, and drops of this at the age of 25 to 51 years to 2200 calories per day – a number which decreases with higher age. Add to this the changes in the hormone status. "It is produced less testosterone and muscle mass as well as the growth hormone decreases. This means that our body can break down less fat."

Weight in old age – is also a question of the head

However, not only the body is to blame for the weight in the age – also the head. Yes, you read that right. Because the fixed circumstances of life, in which man is in this phase of life, have an influence on our eating habits. Because it is actually true: love goes just through the stomach. "About 33 percent of the men to take, if you are in a committed relationship sind", Dr. Schmitter explains. The fact that you are no longer Dating and safety weighs in, life is comfortable. Psychologically, the infatuation and the increased sexual activity takes some time, and supplies the key role will be to Provide in a relationship.

However, not only the relationship has an influence on our diet. While you had the training or Uni still enough time for sports and extensive cooking, there is a in a everyday life with Job and children so easy to take the time for a regular Work-out. The gradual increase in process is reinforced by the fact that you can sit if the Job has not movement, and in the evening on the Couch to rest for a while and with unhealthy Snacks for the long day rewarded. All of these factors lead to increase in age faster. But how to counter?

6 tips for a healthy way to lose weight at the age

Although it is not many aware of it, affects our eating habits, but of our age. "To large amounts, too much Fast Food, too much alcohol and too little Bewegung", summarizes Dr. Schmitter. With these six tips, you can counteract the weight gain success:

1. Pre-cooking instead of ready meals

If the speech is Fast Food, we usually imagine the burgers at McDonald’s or Burger King – but, as the term suggests is, it goes to dishes that are quickly prepared and fresh ingredients to include. This applies to the chip shop as well as the sandwiches with Mayo that you buy quickly on the way to work, because you have not done it yet again with the Breakfast.

Similarly, courts of any kind are done to it – whether it is the finished salad, the Pizza or the potato wedges from the freezer shelf. Food is now the healthiest (and makes the least thick), if it is not provided with preservatives and made from fresh ingredients is prepared. To motivate you even if it may fall after working hard, the lunch for the next day – your body will them, especially in old age, thank. (For more tips for a healthier everyday life that you can implement immediately, you can find here.)

2. Movement to integrate into everyday life

From the age of about 40 years, we have passed the peak of our physical form behind us, when our bodies need more of our support in order to stay fit. If sports has played in your life so far, not a big role, we do not recommend to start with smaller changes to to lose the desire. You have to go often for a walk, stop the car and take it instead, the bike – whether it’s shopping or going to work. You waive the escalator and the Elevator and take the stairs.

And if you have done all of this, or already do, try it out with the Sport. It does not always have to be the classic fitness Studio – whether it’s Boxing, Yoga or Dancing – start with something that you enjoy, try and increase your workload from week to week.

3. Habits by Alternatives to replace

You want to get rid of the excess pounds, does not like to forego your current favorite dishes and habits? Many food by a healthier Alternative to replace. Who is in the morning like bread, you should decide instead for the bun or bread from wheat flour for the whole wheat. Meals with noodles can be healthier – instead of just put on whole wheat pasta. These are also correct "Sattmacher", as a physician Nutrition specialist explains. "You no on fast carbohydrates such as sweets, cakes or soft drinks." These Snacks can also be replaced with healthier Alternatives – how about some fruit, nuts or dark chocolate? (For more healthy Snacks, you can find here.)

4. Less meat and more plant-based foods

A point that several nutritional experts, including the scientist and author Bas Kast in his Bestseller “The nutritional compass” emphasizes: meat should be eaten, if at all, as a side dish. Especially processed products such as sausages, Salami or bacon are not good for the body and increase the mortality and cancer risk. After he sat down with about 3000 studies apart, and stimulates the expert to a diet based on plant products, the less meat, however, and fish supplemented.

“For our health we need to eat pretty sure no meat,” he explains in a Podcast. In it, he criticizes especially that the meat is the focus of our diet, whereas they used to still from the “Sunday roast”. Also at the DGE of the ten rules for a healthy diet the point that you “should Supplement with animal foods, the selection of” meat ends up so only twice a week on the plate, which corresponds to about 300 to 600 grams per week.

  • You want to lose weight? Read here how a canadian researcher malnutrition the fight announces: studies show more and more clearly, how the modern diet our bodies affected – mainly negative. A canadian researcher wants to put a bolt – and shows how the right diet can help to lead a long and healthy life.


5. Alcohol in moderation

In the age of Routine creeps usually have a Drink in the everyday life. Many get used to the evening glass of wine or traditional beer. Who suffers in this case, under a growing “beer belly”, should not be surprised, because this is not just a myth. Of course he is not solely attributable to the celebration evening beer, but has alcohol now need a high calories and stimulates in addition to the appetite, which is why it feels faster craving greasy, unhealthy food.

A physician nutrition specialist, Dr. Schmitter says: "If you drink two Times a week a 0.5 l Pils in addition to the normal food that leads to fat gain of about 3.3 kg in a year. Add a bag of potato chips with about 175 grams per week, you are already at 10.3 kg increase in a year." Therefore, as in all areas of the food: Enjoy alcohol in moderation and try to limit the consumption to special occasions. (Here is the Gymondo-fitness expert, Dennis Long, how to drink alcohol without developing a thick explained.)

6. Slower and less likely to eat

Perhaps you have heard of it, that the feeling of satiety occurs only 20 minutes after eating? Dr. Schmitter therefore recommends to eat slowly. She also advises to stick to two to three meals to have enough to eat instead of in-between, constantly the little things. "Ideal spacing of four to six hours between meals."

Bye-Bye, Fat The Case

In younger years, still willing to try new things, creep age resistant structures, from which it adopted only reluctantly. The Decrease in the age, however, is not about to make a u-turn and to his previous diet completely on the head or even a diet to a new life style. "You prefer to focus on a Diet that fits into the daily life and to implement long-term können", Dr. Schmitter is recommended.

You should be aware that the body can no longer provide the service, as was previously the case, in order to keep a healthy Balance. Therefore, we have a balanced and nutrient-rich diet in old age is even more important. However, the changeover is worth it. The result will be feeling in a better and also healthier body reflect.

This article was written by Angelika Watta


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