On top of the slowly healing stitches and sleepless nights, new mums are faced with the overwhelming pressure to “bounce back” to their pre-baby bodies. But celeb trainer Tiffiny Hall has garnered plenty of kudos from women around the world for bucking that trend.

The 33-year-old gave birth to her first child, Arnold, three months ago, and she’s kept her followers updated with her refreshingly honest recovery process ever since.

In her latest Instagram post, Tiffiny shared a snap of her stomach and slowly returning six pack.

“Hello little abs, it’s nice to see you again,” she captioned the picture.

“My tummy still isn’t flat and I don’t care! It’s definitely getting stronger which is the important part and I’m feeling wonderful.”

“I love your honesty and love following your journey into the world of parenting! You should be so proud of yourself and thank you for showing the real version of postpartum mumma,” wrote one commenter.

“Looking incredible, you are such a great role model for women about being kind to ourselves after giving birth and embracing our bodies, love your honesty about it all,” said another.

The mum-of-one’s workout philosophy has been slow but steady, starting with walking and stretching before moving onto light exercise with her doc’s approval after her six week check up.

“To all the new mummas out there, don’t feel pressure to ‘bounce back’,” Tiffiny previously wrote on Instagram.

“Definitely don’t compare yourself to others and don’t waste a SINGLE delicious newborn minute worrying or obsessing about your body. Remember you’re the strongest you’ve ever been keeping your bubba alive. Be nice to yourself. I promise you’ll make progress to getting your fitness back but there’s no rush. It ain’t a competition! Bunker down in the newborn bubble and love yourself because #selflove is sustainable, but hating your postpartum body is not. Life is too short and babies are too cute to bully ourselves into weight loss. You can’t rush things you want to last forever. It’s time to celebrate.” 

Hear, hear. 

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