Yesterday saw my running club’s annual championships – 5 and 10k options, around the rather muddy terrain of Wimbledon Common. No time clipped from your race result for Womble-spotting, but plentiful free cake afterwards. I opted for the 5k as my legs still feel a little leaden post-marathon. On the plus side, it was over quicker. On the flip side, less excuse to scoff that cake.

I was also reminded again of how I just don’t think I have the right mentality for cross-country (even when it’s not even really cross-country). I run around enormous mud patches rather than through them. I skip around puddles rather than glide over them. I don’t really know why – I’m really not that bothered about being covered in mud, and I don’t think I have some kind of deep-rooted paranoia about twisting an ankle … Perhaps you just embrace it more whole heartedly if you do it more often? Or perhaps I’m just a road runner through and through. Cut me and I bleed tarmac …

So, how was your weekend running and do you embrace your inner toddler and splash through every puddle (presumably not running in Peppa Pig wellies – I’m pretty sure no one has ever had a gait analysis which resulted in those being recommended) or are you, like me, more inclined to try to keep those feet dry? As always, your stories, advice, injury woes or race triumphs below the line please.

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