Just when you think we’ve hit peak yoga, a trend comes along that trumps them all.

Yep, chocolate yoga is the latest way to namaste.

Chocolate company Love Cocoa have teamed up with yoga instructor Guzel Mursalimova to create a 90-minute chocolate meditation and restorative yoga practice.

“Using ancient Buddhist techniques of mindful awareness, we will shift your attention to the present moment and allow your mind to unravel a new spectrum of chocolate flavours and sensations,” the event spiel promises.

“Meditation is proven to significantly reduce stress levels and cocoa is a powerful antioxidant which helps to improve brain and memory function, heart health and enhance mood.”

Sadly, this specific event is on in London (Feb 3 if you’re looking at flights) but we do have an equivalent in our hemisphere.

Chocolate Yoga currently runs classes in Byron Bay as well as touring events on the east coast of Australia. They say the combination allows you to experience “the medicinal properties of ceremonial grade cacao moving through your body in a specially designed kundalini yoga practice”.

Sounds… delicious. 

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