At the latest since the intimidating News that coronaviruses can hold on to some of the materials up to several days, is not only the contact to other people, but also the contact of possibly infected objects to the red cloth.

Whether in public transport, after the pin is entered incorrectly at the EC device or after you have taken cash in the Hand – the hand sanitizer has become a these days for the most faithful companion when you’re out of the house.

A fact that is often underestimated: Not only in the public space, but also within the own four walls there is some under estimation of the end of Viruses.

Water taps are of the highest Bud density

Ironically, the budget, the object is always referenced when it comes to Hygiene, the virus catcher number 1: the faucet.

Although thorough and frequent hand washing especially in this time, it is essential that the water tap is a special virus spreader.

A US study by germ expert Dr. Charles Gerba, according to the water valves even the highest bacterial density in the bathrooms.

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What on closer examination, makes sense: After all, sums up to this, of course, already prior to the washing of hands in to the water run to let.

When you turn the Water off, the risk is then high that one gets at the hands of what one actually wanted to wash.

Caution, where the hands come into play

Especially on the surfaces and objects in the home that you touch often gather germs and viruses.

The Smartphone, which is approximately 90 Times per day to the Hand.

No matter how often one washes his hands, not one has won so much in sterility, if one cleans his Smartphone on a regular basis.

With a dry cleaning by means of a micro-fiber cloth dabeil aut of the ‘süddeutsche Zeitung ‘ be killed’ at least 80 percent of germs.

Other typical breeding grounds for viruses, bacteria, and other germs in the household are:

  • Door handles
  • Light switch
  • Handles of cabinets and drawers (refrigerators, Windows, …)

Wherever the hands tire often hung, should be regularly cleaned.

Dear common household cleaner instead of disinfectant

Instead of disinfectants, the ‘Federal centre for health education’ for the household is recommended to put hygiene on a common budget.

On the Website for infection prevention, it is stated: “a disinfectant to remove any dirt and do not replace cleaning. You are in a private household in the rule is not useful and should only be used in exceptional cases on the advice of the doctor or the Doctor or the health office.”

Since germs multiply, especially with moisture, should the surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom as dry as possible and kept cleaning rags as well as towels to be hung up after use, airy place, to dry quickly.

In addition, especially in stuffy premises are currently in quarantine times a hatching oven for viruses.

To air, therefore from the side of the Federal authority, the urgent recommendation, on a regular basis: “In enclosed spaces the number of pathogens in the room air to rise. Regular Ventilation reduces the number of pathogen-containing fine droplets in the air, thus lowering the risk of infection in rooms where Ill stop.”

So it can be a result of intra-house quite a bit, even in the case of several residents of an infection with viruses such as the Corona-Virus prevent.


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