Similar to Restaurant and Bars, fitness studios at the beginning of the Corona pandemic, countries were forced to close across their doors for several weeks.

The concern was that Coronavirus in a confined space could be the Training spread.

Meanwhile, the majority of Gyms open in this country again, Fitness-may Enthusiasts back to the heavy iron ran, but only under certain Precautions. Fitness classes continue to be prohibited due to the possible contamination as a result of the “Aerosol-virus cloud” below.

Whether the Precautions are really useful and your Job meet, could answer a study conducted by the scientists Lise Helsingen of the University of Oslo.

Strict regulations are in place at Train

The investigation was able to open given by the Norwegian Ministry of health, in order to check, what are the rules of the fitness Studio.

This was from the 22. Launched in March in Oslo, a randomized study with a total of 3,754 K healthy adults.

Of these participants, 1.896 persons drawn, which was then granted access to five-hour fitness studios.

In these, the subjects were allowed to train again on a whim. However, under certain precautions:

  • No physical touches, such as greetings with a handshake
  • At least 1 Meter to other persons – in the case of intense Exercises bar even 2 meters
  • All devices are cleaned before a change with a disinfectant
  • Changing rooms were open showers and a Sauna, however, remained closed
  • The lids of the rubbish bins have been removed, to avoid contact

Compliance with these extensive set of rules was reviewed by the Studio staff. A mask is compulsory for the Trainees, was not to be.

No Corona infection in the Gym

During the 3-week duration of study 81.8% of the subjects, which the Gym was allowed to visit had trained there at least once. 38.5 percent had visited the Studio six or more Times.

In connection 88.7 percent of the visitors, as well as 71.4 percent of the control group had a total of a smear on SARS-CoV-2.

The result: Only a single study participants had evidence of infection. This subject was, however, not a single Time in one of the fitness studios. As it turned out later, he had become infected on the job.

Coronavirus is not considered in the Studios

In consultation with the health insurance, the researchers also checked the doctor’s visits to the rest of the subjects.

106 persons were visited during the study period, although a doctor, however, none of the appointments to be made in connection with Covid-19.

The six participants who had been treated during this time in the hospital, no correlation was found with a possible coronavirus infection.

The study Director concludes, therefore, that in the three weeks nobody in the Gym has infected.

During the study period were tested in the whole of Oslo 105 persons positive for SARS-CoV 2 – the gyms are not reached, the Virus, according to the research results, so.

Important aspect is still unclear

In this study, it is likely to be the first, carried out to the risk of infection in gyms.

In the work described protective measures can to a large extent on the regulations of the individual Federal States in Germany.

Although it has not managed the Coronavirus in this study, in the Gyms, however, the study leaves open the question of whether or not it would be in the case of an infected visitor to an outbreak among the Gym-goers.

Whether the country’s existing measures can prevent the spread of the in fact, therefore, is also unclear – for the best possible protection, however, should be that all existing instructions to be strictly followed.

In Oslo, the bodies referred to in this investigation have been opened again – the fact that there was, within the last study week no proven infection more in the city, has certainly also contributed a part.


  • TRAiN study group (2020): Randomized Re-Opening of Training Facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, retrieved on 01.07.2020

Cornelia Bertram

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