Actually, Julia has always been a sports fan. The Childhood and school time High School athlete of the year were marked by a lot of exercise and a healthy Lifestyle.

But then this pregnancy came and with this Friends, too little exercise and too much food went hand in hand, which was finally on Julia’s hips noticeable.

Even after the birth of their daughter Julia to understand other things way initially focused on – to your diet the young mother did not pay attention.

Healthy behavior a habit

But three years ago, the turning point finally came: Julia finally wanted to lose weight and be fit again. From this point on, she put her life on the head.

Instead of stress eating, and leisurely afternoons of intensive sports units were now back on their weekly program. About 50 kilograms, was able to work off the young woman since.

This remarkable result, the 27 thanks to-year-old, especially your iron will and a positive Mindset to.

“It is not impossible to gain control over your health,” motivated to you under a Instagram Post. “I wanted to be a better Version of me – and I’m still working on me.”

To enable this conversion, had Julia change many comfortable habits. That means: get up Early, from time to time on the Dessert, and of course all the other unhealthy food and finally more exercise to integrate into everyday life.

What that meant at the beginning of a strong inversion that fell to her with time, but always easier. That’s why Julia’s is probably the most important tip of all, have a similar way: “Stay in for long enough – eventually, your behavior becomes habit.”

Athletic on the Ball

Within the last three years have changed Julia’s habits to its healthy Lifestyle.

“I started to go to more, to go Jogging, then I went on the Crosstrainer, Stairmaster, and now my cardio consists of intense Spinning classes and Running sessions.” Even a license to the Spinning trainer, is now.

As with any good sports program also, of course, heavy Weights must not be missing, belongs to a proper strength training program also to Julia’s Fitness Routine.

Also your part-time job as a Volleyball coach helps the young woman to reach their Movement and physical exercise. And what can be better than your own passion and to do the body something Good?

It’s a lifestyle

Although Julia values in a noticeable way behind, is not your Fitness journey but still a long way to the end.

“The health and physical Fitness has never been an end goal,” she explains. “It’s a lifestyle, it is determination and the control over the thoughts and actions that follow.”

She is currently a candidate for the title of ‘Miss Health and Fitness’, where the winner of this title will also be the new face of American Fitness magazine ‘Hers’.

The platform would you like to use to motivate other those wanting to lose weight and be on your way to a healthier, fitter, I encourage.

Cornelia Bertram

*The contribution of “Minus 50 pounds: Julia’s a long way from the Overweight to the “Miss Fitness”” published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.