That Make-up is not only for women, has spoken around. Most of the men do not eye shadow to lipstick & Co. grab, has not changed, however. The currently (probably) only exception: the Concealer, a skin-colored Concealer in stick form.

Why are you on the Concealer should

Because this is like a magic pen eye circles disappear, and also extremely easy to use. Concealer often come with an applicator. This will then appears just like a brush, and two points applied under the eyes, and then with the fingers knocking. This part is important: In no case the Concealer to elapse like a cream, but really gently Pat into the skin – otherwise it acts quickly painted. Our tip: Use your ring finger.

Some concealers are also directly like a pen. The sequence is the same: Two points under the eyes to apply and then gently Pat with Finger to blend. (More on the topic of Concealer, you can read here)

What helps rings in eyes?

However, before you grab directly to the Concealer, I would recommend you to first of all other things: a solid facial care, including a daily eye cream. A healthy diet with plenty of water and little alcohol (helps against puffy eyes). Cold masks, which make for a bright-eyed look. (What helps else dark circles under the eyes, read here)

But there are days when only a bit of color against the dark shadow helps, and then the Concealer salvation to every performance at the Meeting.

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