Feeling tired, and straying dangerously close to say sod it to your new year’s resolution? You are far from alone. Of course, you might just need a break, or a day off – and that’s absolutely the right thing to do. But if it’s less tiredness and more a general motivational dip, then running and cycling website Strava might have some tips for you. Data from its members (and given we are talking about 1 million new athletes joining every 40 days, that’s a fair sample size) suggests some ways in which you might find the grit you need.

Its key findings may not be rocket science, but everyone needs a prompt now and again. So on that note:

  • Exercise with friends: the athlete’s social network suggests that exercising with a mate leads to people being 22% more active than staying solo.
  • Likewise, joining a club leads to a massive 46% boost of energy.
  • Setting a specific goal makes a big difference and, interestingly, that effect doesn’t wear off when the goal is done and dusted: 92% of users who set a January race goal last year were still active 10 months on.
  • Train in the morning: people who are most regularly active are likely to exercise in the morning. While there may be a ‘chicken and egg’ effect here, it’s certainly true that during the winter months, many of us feel less inclined to hit the pavements or a class once darkness hits.
  • Start run or bike commuting. Even outside the office running (or biking) people who commute under their own steam are 43% more active at the weekends.

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