Despite diet and exercise, not much happens on the scale – many of those wanting to lose weight know the Problem and know that it is not so easy to shed a few pounds.

But what are the reasons? What are we doing wrong? The following Top Ten shows the most common dieting mistakes – and how we can easily deal with it.

1. With Extreme, you won’t get far

Some rely on more or less radical measures, such as, for example, Crash diets, fasting or forgoing dinner to lose weight.

However, due to Extreme you can’t get to your destination as soon As you try to quickly lose a lot of weight, you have to set the body in a state of high alert – and this holds on to its reserves.

He gets to the diet, then greater quantities of food, it begins to even more reserves in order to move on to the next hungry route, prepare: the classic yo-Yo effect.

2. Give up too soon

Instead of radical measures, you should change your diet for the long term. This is, to be patient and stick with it, if the balance is over a longer time still.

So that fat deposits can melt, to adapt the metabolism to the new Situation.

A weight stagnation is quite normal. The time period varies individually, usually it takes not more than a maximum of four weeks.

3. The success of the weight measure

Another reason for the Stagnation of the weight can be in the same time, removal of fat and building of muscle mass. A diet’s success is not, therefore, always the balance.

Instead, success on the waist and hip measurements might be readable, so you should regularly measure the body circumference to see if you get closer to your goal.

Also, a direct photo comparison of before and during your diet helps you to visualize small achievements.

4. The expectations are too high

Don’t expect any miracles! Those that avoid Crash diets and sustainable food surrounded in order to avoid the yo-yo effect, and slower.

Realistic and healthy half a Kilo per week. This can be done by you, if you take around 500 calories a day from your diet.

5. Not enough food

To eat too little, is another typical diet mistakes. For anyone who suffers all the time of Hunger, there’s a lot of food cravings.

Instead, you should schedule three to five small meals spread over the day and the Hunger with low-calorie foods, breast-feeding, thanks to the dietary fibres and proteins for a long sick and tired of make.

All vegetables, legumes such as chickpeas or lentils, nuts, and fish, for example.

In the gallery: foods that boost the burning of fat

6. Pause in-between Snacks

Too many Snacks, however, are also counterproductive because they prevent the fat burning process is gaining momentum.

Always make sure, longer taking a break from eating at least two to three hours to insert.

7. Too many Light products

An average Light products have approximately 30 percent fewer calories than the Original. However, they are not, therefore, healthier. Instead of the fat, Light products contain, often, artificial flavors, sugar and sweeteners.

The diet is, therefore, not healthier, just because you can replace the original products due to the lighter variant. The danger is that one eats more is because the products have to be so “light”.

Waivers so better to diet products. Instead, you should in the course of a Diet more on natural, unprocessed food use.

8. Carbohydrates in the evening meal

Many of those wanting to lose weight do without in the evening, to carbs, to fat-burning boost. In theory, this makes sense. A waiver, however, also brings risks.

So, a complete renunciation of carbohydrates can bring in the metabolism of a mess.

A recommendation from nutrition experts says, therefore, that you three Times per week in the evening on carbohydrates can. 50 percent of the diet should consist of carbohydrates – preferably in the Form of starchy vegetables, fruits and whole grain products.

9. Not enough sleep

Another aspect that can make you lose weight a dash through the bill, is the sleep. Who is overtired and too little sleep, eat and often significantly more.

For this reason, you should always be on a sufficient level of sleep care. Seven to eight hours a day, it should be to keep the stress level low.

10. Too little movement

For losing weight, it is not enough to eat less. Anyone who wants to in the long term will be slimmer, the must also continue to exercise regularly. Because a waiver of Sport slows down the metabolism.

Thus, the extra pounds are not able to tumble as desired. Three times per week should at least work up a sweat at the best in endurance and strength sports in the exchange.

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