What is it? A yoga session where it’s just you and the instructor, so nobody else gets to see what a blobby, inflexible mess you are.

How much does it cost? I had a Chi Kri yoga session with Rakhee Vithlani, who’s based in north-west London and charges £60 an hour, but you’ll probably find a dozen yoga instructors within a mile of your home.

What does it promise? I’ve said it before: I’m terrible at yoga. I hide at the back of the classes, intimidated by everyone else, half-arsing my way through several poses I don’t understand. Going one-on-one with Rakhee meant I had nowhere to hide. If I couldn’t improve with her, I’d never improve.

What’s it actually like? Easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. A good instructor like Rakhee will talk you through each yoga pose, explaining the theory behind it and making sure your posture is exactly right. The session can be tailored exactly to your strengths and weaknesses, which meant I didn’t feel too embarrassed when my hip kept cramping up during a set of deep asanas. Over my hour, I got to concentrate fully on the fundamental poses of yoga, like the downward dog, the warrior pose and the tree pose. If I chose to do any more yoga after this, I’d be building on solid foundations. And, after this, I’m very keen to do more.

Best and worst bit Towards the end we practised some relaxation exercises, which were just flat-out amazing. The worst part? I couldn’t hide the fact that I was basically asleep.

Is it worth it? Definitely.

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