An old diet wisdom says that you can relatively quickly lose weight and the real difficulty is to keep the number on the scale even after the diet still.

Meanwhile, experts say something else: It can actually be difficult to keep the desired weight if you put on healthy habits instead of Crash diets.

There are only small Changes to their own diet, training routine and even own thought are, in fact, often, way, which can be used to announce the yo-yo effect on the battle.

Seven tips that can help in sustainable weight loss, have revealed that experts ‘Popsugar’.

1. Realistic Goals

If you make too much, because you want to see results quickly, you can make your own weight-loss goals to the test and the self-confidence to scratch.

“The most common mistake I see is that people try too many non-sustainable Changes at once to make. For example, it is not ideal to go on a diet, the the amount of calories will severely restrict, while you start at the same time, a highly intensive training program,” explains Personal Trainer Timothy Lyman.

“The results of such slimming concepts are not sustainable, because it has not established the correct habits and patterns of behavior”, the expert continues.

2. Smart Snacking

Many who want to lose weight, try not to snack between meals. According to nutrition expert, Christy Brissette but that is not necessarily useful, because then the body of important energy fuel, are missing.

“I always tell my clients that Hunger is the enemy of weight loss,” she says. “It is important that you will never too hungry, which means that you have to every three to four hours for something to eat.”

Instead of banning the snacking altogether, suggests Brissette, looking for a Snack that contains no more than 200 calories and fiber, protein and fat includes, in order, you will feel satisfied and the Craving can keep them at Bay.

A good example is a handful of raw or roasted, had almonds.

In the gallery: 20 healthy Snacks for losing weight

3. Protein Power

“Protein helps you stay satiated and strengthens your metabolism by keeping your muscle mass, even if you lose weight,” explains Brissette. To include “every meal and every Snack proteins, therefore,” she says.

“My personal favorites are a hand full of chicken breast, Turkey or fish or a Cup of Greek yogurt, beans, lentils, or two eggs,” said the expert.

4. High-Quality Carbohydrates

“You don’t have to completely of carbohydrates to say goodbye, to lose weight,” stresses Brissette. “Make sure the Carbs have a low glycemic Index.”

She cites the examples of sweet potatoes, pumpkin, Quinoa, millet, oatmeal, barley, beans, lentils, whole grain bread, berries, and Apples. You should pay attention to the nutrition expert suggest, however, that the carbohydrate portions are never greater than their own.

5. Vegetables the A and O is

Vegetables should take at each meal is about half of the plate. “You can also do, if you’re still hungry, nothing wrong to eat more vegetables, because of the high water and fiber content of this vegetable gives your stomach volume and helps you feel satiated,” explains Christy.

6. Fun Workout

“The best exercise for losing weight is what you over a longer period of time by holding,” says Lyman. “Consistency is essential and an important factor in Boosting the metabolic rate, thus you can burn more calories even when you train in the Moment.”

It may require a few Attempts and setbacks, until one has found for the ds right Training. No matter whether it be Running, Cycling, HIIT, or Zumba: Everyone will surely find sometime for a workout, he really is happy.

7. Self-hatred prevent

“Just because you do not sleep in one go and the gym on Monday missed the morning therefore you, doesn’t mean you’ve ruined the whole week,” says the fitness trainer.

“Focus is always to be better today than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. It is not always everything will go perfectly, and that’s fine.”

Judith Kerstgens

*The contribution “Instead of the yo-yo effect: Slimming and weight: The 7 best tips” is published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.