So. six days until Berlin marathon. It’s all been going well: good track sessions in training, no injuries (touch wood) and on Saturday I got a 5k PB at Fulham Palace parkrun (18m 42sec and before you ask – yes it is fine and normal and perfectly usual to do a 5k race a week before a marathon). While having a bad 5k race is fairly meaningless in the context of marathon prep, having a good one and getting a PB is obviously a nice confidence boost. Then a 10 miler yesterday for my last “long” run. So, as I say, all going well.

Too well? Well, I’m currently praying to the gods of hygiene and those of marathon running, and inhaling a cloud of Dettol, because my seven year old has come down with a particularly nasty strain of the norovirus. Anyone got a Hazmat suit I can borrow to give her a comforting hug in? Any handy tips about how to get her to drink any fluids? How to avoid germs, other than the liberal use of bleach and handwashing so much I think my skin may fall off? Or, err, anyone got a hotel I can move into for the duration instead?

So, as usual, please share your own weekend triumphs and woes below the line as always. Just make sure you are germ-free, ok?

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