I spent much of my weekend in close proximity to a 400m circle – just how I like it. Saturday morning’s track session was a muggy, rather sluggish affair for me, but then some days are just like that – you just have to write it off to heat/tiredness/excuse of your choice and move on.

Sunday’s track – after a 7am 13-miler for me – was the Olympic one – I took my girls to watch the Anniversary games. Cue about two hours of “How long is it until we can see Laura Muir?”, “How many minutes until Laura’s race?” etc. And what a race it was! Possibly lacking the fairytale ending (taking down Zola Budd’s British record, or indeed winning) but still. Just don’t ask me to explain the rules of race walking (I once tried it, and my shins took quite some time to recover) to children again. After considered thought, and a full explanation of his record, and how Tom Bosworth can walk a mile quicker than I can run one, my eight year old pronounced, “Well… yes… but it’s still a bit silly isn’t it?”.

When you break them down, most sports are. But there’s nothing like going to watch them live. Bring on the World Athletics championships and my handful of tickets.

But now over to you. How else was channelling their inner Muir or Farah, and who was nursing their niggles and wishing for access to the British team physios?

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