A high sugar consumption can be associated with numerous negative consequences for the body.

Sugar-containing foods are suspected to favor the formation of dental caries, migraine, Obesity and even cancer.

Therefore, it makes sense to reduce sugar as much as possible.

Why the renunciation of sugar bombs like cake, chocolate, fruit yoghurts and co. but hard to explain.

Because the mainly of sucrose existing sweeteners activated – like a drug – the reward center in the brain, causing a feeling of well-being arises. Thus, an Addiction may arise as a sugar.

How can it recant to create the sugar? A diet and nutrition specialist, revealed to the Portal ‘Popsugar’ your strategy in order to reduce sugar.

The sugar withdrawal works

“A ‘cold Enzug’ is the best way to permanent stop Sweet cravings once and for all,” says Kristin Kirkpatrick from the Cleveland Clinic’s Health and Wellness Centre.

Because a strong reducing sugar consumption to prevent a permanent Activated the reward centre in the brain, and sugar cravings stay out of this.

You manage to do without over a long period of time on heavily sweetened foods, no longer requires the body is to the sweet poison. A “cold Enzug” but according to the expert, of course, is not easy.

Therefore, Kirkpatrick recommends sugary foods first during the week to omit. On the weekends you could take a candy when the cravings will be too big. However, you should keep even dimension.

“After a few weeks you will feel less cravings for sugar”, is convinced the expert.

Who would not want to completely avoid Sweet, you can alternatively use honey or peanut butter for a Sweet.

Fruits contain also (fruit-)sugar, but also a lot of vitamins. Therefore, fruit is in any case part of a healthy diet, the nutrition expert.

Lists of ingredients to consider to avoid sugar

In addition, it is important to read the list of ingredients of foods. So suffixes like “-ose” or “-dextrin suggest, for example,” on the sugar content.

“Also, artificial sweeteners such as Sucralose, Aspartame and Saccharin are potentially bad for the body and should be avoided,” says Kirkpatrick.

Julia Are

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