Fresh herbs Refine the flavor of many dishes and are an eye-catcher on the plate.

But which herb belongs to which court? And you should cook or just before Serving over loyal?

The journal ‘food practice’ (edition July 2020) explains the most important points.


Pizza, Pasta and Italian sauces do not come out often without the leaves. They are also the basis for Pesto.

Since the herb loses in cooking, its flavor, you should give it in at the end.


As the Name suggests, it is suitable as a spicy-peppery addition to green beans. It is also used in soups, stews or meat dishes. Savory may be mitgegart.


The tender shoots of cucumber salads flavour, as salmon and other fish type. Dill tastes in quark with Herbs, fresh cheese or scrambled eggs, but cook never.


Taste is intense. Already a few leaves are enough to flavor a Sauce béarnaise.

Tarragon is herb type taste, as are stews, egg dishes, and chanterelles – and develops its full taste only in the case of heat, therefore, it must from the very beginning, with in the pot.


The finely cut leaves are used especially in Thai and Indian cuisine. Coriander is sprinkled just before eating fresh about it.

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