When losing weight, you think, no doubt, to a healthy diet and sufficient exercise. But in addition to these two important aspects, a further component should come not too short.

To make your slimming process and ideal, and to achieve visible success, you should also pay attention to your sleeping habits. Because the duration and quality of your night’s sleep can be essential.

Good sleep is in losing weight is the most Important

Restful sleep is especially when building muscle is important, as the tissue regenerates during the night. To sleep, prevented, however, in addition, cravings alarm, allowing you to achieve a calorie deficit easier can.

Another advantage is that You burn in your sleep a few calories, without anything to do. That sounds really tempting, right?

Of course, the consumption of calories in your sleep from Person to Person metabolism is different due to the. If you want to know how much energy your body consumes in the sleep mode, you can find out with the help of the basal metabolic rate.

Your individual basal metabolic rate calculate

In order to know how many calories you smoke within an hour of the verb, you must first set up your basic metabolic rate (BMR) to determine the number of calories needed by your body in a state of rest, in order to supply all the organs and to breathe, for example. This number is then divided by 24 (the hours in a day).

Calculate your BMR with the BMR calculator:

So a 35-year-old woman, with a body height of 162 cm and a weight of just 54 kg and a BMR of approximately 1.305 calories a day. for example, Dividing this result by 24, as a consumption of 54 calories per hour – even in the dormitories.

Good sleep promotes hormonal balance

The more muscle mass you get through hard force training or HIIT Training, the more calories you burn, of course, also in sleep mode. If you get your seven to eight hours of sleep, this encourages the growth of your muscles.

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Because in addition to the nutrition and the exercise good sleep is a very important component for effective muscle regeneration and strength building.

Lack of sleep reduces the growth hormone testosterone and increases the stress hormone Cortisol. Thus, it is for your body and harder to recover from Training and to lose weight.

At the same time, too little sleep can disrupt the production of hormones Ghrelin and Leptin. Ghrelin is for the control of Hunger and satiety responsible. You should cravings to get up, is increasingly distributed Ghrelin.

The satiety hormone Leptin, which is stored in the fat tissues and you feel satiated, will be distributed with very little sleep and barely, so you’re suddenly permanently hungry.

Lack of sleep slows the muscle-building and also increases the risk for cravings and Stress. If you need to boost your metabolism and burn more calories, you should start with a good sleeping habit.

Cornelia Bertram

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