The Corona-infection rate has increased in Germany, according to information from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) about the critical brand 1.

The so-called reproduction number spent with data 9. May, 0:00 in the case of 1,10 – such as the RKI in the evening publish situation report writes.

What does this mean for the existing relaxations to?

What is the reproduction number?

The value indicates, how many more people infects a of Infected with the novel Coronavirus. The RKI has repeatedly stressed, in order to let the epidemic is abating, it would be necessary to the reproduction number below 1.

On Wednesday, the value was, according to RKI, still at a level of 0.65 – since then, the reproduction number was increased steadily. There is a negative trend indicates thus.

RKI warns: The number of cases strongly observe

The Institute, however, announced more: Because of the statistical fluctuations that would be reinforced by the overall reduction in Numbers, could not yet be assessed whether the during the last few weeks, declining Trend of new infections continue or there is a rise in case numbers.

“The increase in the estimated R-value makes it necessary to observe the development in the next few days very closely,” writes the RKI.

In Germany, more than 169.216 infections

Nationwide have been registered up to about 169.216 infection with the Coronavirus (as of: 10.05;. 7:50 PM)

At least 7.395 with the causative agent of Sars-CoV-2 Infected have died according to the figures available to date nationwide. The evaluation of the German press-Agency, which takes into account the latest Figures of the Federal States.

According to the RKI estimates that have survived in Germany, around 144.400 people the infection (as: 10.05;. 7:50 PM). As for other countries, experts anticipate but also in Germany with a high number of unreported cases of non-scheduled cases.

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Bayern has most of the Corona-infections

Particularly high Numbers of registered infections have the statistics of the länder, according to Bayern, with more than 44.500 proven cases and at least 2164 dead, North Rhine-Westphalia with more than 34.700 cases, and at least 1423 dead, as well as Baden-Württemberg with more than 33,000 confirmed cases and at least 1535 the dead.

The time when a new days is reported varies from state to state.

Calculated for 100,000 inhabitants, Bavaria recorded a value of 340,5 most of the infections. On average, there were 203,5. However, the number of performed Tests per 100,000 inhabitants in the Federal States differs.

When can it come to the new Lockdown?

The Ministers of the countries had set out last Wednesday for a upper limit of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. This critical number is exceeded, it comes to the renewed Curfew.

So far, only three of the circles are known, in which this limit was exceeded: Greiz, in Thuringia, Coesfeld, in North Rhine-Westphalia and stone castle in Schleswig-Holstein (as of 09.05;. 23.00).

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