Too Faced, purveyor of sweet-scented, perpetually sold-out makeup releases like Tutti Frutti and Sweet Peach, just surprised fans with three brand-new products.

The brand is planning to launch three sugar peach-themed (and peach-scented) products, HelloGiggles reports. The range will include a Sugar Peach Palette ($42), the brand's first palette for wet/dry face and eyes, plus its first lip-care products — a lip balm and a lip scrub.

The palette is Too Faced's first foray into wet/dry products. (Typically, a damp brush will deepen pigment, or users can use a dry brush for lightweight wear.) It'll have four shades: Peach Pearl (gold shimmer), Sugared Peach (peach shimmer), Peach Honey (bronze shimmer), and Peach Pop (pink shimmer.) As Too Faced co-founder Jerrod Blandino told HelloGiggles, "You can use it wet or dry and you can use it on your face and eyes. It allows you to go from subtly lit, to frosted like a glazed donut, and everything in between. And it smells as good as it looks." As for the balm and scrub, Blandino explains they're designed to "make sure your lips are kissable all day."

Blandino also shared a preview of the new line on Instagram:

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Sticking with the peach theme, HelloGiggles also reports that Too Faced is revamping its Peach Kiss lipstick with seven new shades and new packaging. The updated shades will range from pinky brown to pink-hued red, and each bullet is stamped with the peach logo for extra flat lay potential. The brand even revealed the shade names: Breakfast Club, He’s With Me, Flight Risk, Bridezilla, Disrobed, Undercover Lover, and Chill Pill.

The Sugar Peach Palette, Peach Lip Scrub, and Peach Lip Balm are reportedly launching on and on September 4, which means you could be smelling like a shimmery fruit bowl in less than a week.

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