As we grow older, we start to realize that our body’s capabilities diminish over time. Our body doesn’t have the same strength and flexibility as it used to. We began to experience horrible back pain, headaches, and serious illnesses that we’ve failed to notice before. Not to mention that our unhealthy lifestyle of eating junk and processed foods, combined with our sedentary lifestyle exacerbates our underlying health condition. Many of us end up gaining a lot of weight that not only burdens our health and well-being but it also dwindles our self-confidence. Of course, we want to change our lifestyle as much as possible but that’s easier said than done.

We found ourselves signing up for numerous diets and weight loss programs and while they work for a while, they usually start to fail the moment we go back to our normal lives. Why does this keep happening? Let us investigate further on these diets we’ve grown up with and how being a “flexitarian” will help break this cycle.

Flexitarian diet book, written by Dawn Jackson Blatner.

One main reason why these diets don’t work is that they always tell us exactly what to do. They tell what should we eat and what we shouldn’t eat. For example, we need to skip consuming sugar, that’s why we need to stop eating those sweet treats and sugary drinks. We also need to maintain eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. While it definitely works for us in a certain period of time, we realize that restrictive diets aren’t exactly effective in long-term. It severs our relationship with foods rather than make peace with it. That’s why, instead of obsessing which food you should or shouldn’t eat, registered dietitian and nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner, first introduced her book The Flexitarian Diet and the term “flexitarian in 2010.

Back then, this type of diet didn’t click to the mass audience because people were hesitant about its affectivity. However, 7 years later, people are starting to get the hype with this diet because they realized that it might be the key to achieving long-term weight loss and healthy lifestyle.

“When I wrote it, nobody knew what the term meant. Now, I regularly hear people describe themselves as a flexitarian,”

Flexitarian food provides balanced food and nutrition intake.

From its root word “flexible”, this type of diet aims to provide a balanced food and nutrition intake for your body. This means that there will be no restrictions imposed on your diet regime. This means that while we promote eating more plant-based foods such as fruits and vegetables, you also get to enjoy eating meat and occasional splurges of sweet treats. This way, you won’t be forcing yourself to starvation and deprivation. It works long-term because this type of diet will adapt depending on your custom needs, lifestyle, and culture. Let us hear about the stunning benefits of the flexitarian diet.

Since this diet emphasizes more benefits of eating plant-based diets, your body is able to get more nourishment when you’re eating healthy foods. This is because plant-based foods are rich in nutrients and fibers which boost your gut health. Aside from that, it also contains antioxidants that improve your metabolic rate, helps lower down your blood pressure, and reduces your risk of acquiring type 2 Diabetes. Let us hear a positive testament from one of its users:

“A major benefit of flexitarianism has been an increase in the number of fruits and vegetables I consume, and therefore an overall healthier diet,” said Emily Pious (33), who became a flexitarian in 2009 and now became one of the most followed bloggers about flexitarian.

Thanks to being a flexitarian, we don’t have to worry about attending social gatherings anymore. Since you’re also eating meat in the flexitarian diet, you won’t fuss on how it will wreck your diet. One of the main features of flexitarian diet is that it allows you to make peace with foods. This means that you get to eat various foods in moderation: meat, healthy fat, fruits, veggies, carbs and even the sugary ones. As long as you eat in moderation, you’re able to eat any foods you want. This freedom to eat what you want (while controlling your food portion) allows you to be flexible whatever occasion you attend: wedding ceremony, European cuisine, party, etc. In fact, you’ll find yourself excited to attend these events.

Flexitarian diet promotes weight loss.

Since you’re able to balance your food intake, you’re actually easing yourself from the stress when it comes to food. And being able to eliminate stress is also a key factor in losing weight. Why? Because you’re happy and satisfied. Your choice of food feels natural according to your lifestyle approach. Not only you’re eating nutritious and balanced foods without depriving yourself but your mind and heart are at peace too.

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