Wiz Khalifa has packed on about 35 lbs. of muscle!

In an interview with the Bleacher Report, the “See You Again” rapper, 30, opened up about how his passion for mixed martial arts training transformed his physique.

Khalifa explained that he first decided to begin his MMA training after he got his “ass whooped” one too many times by his cousins, who “train jiu-jitsu and stand-up as well.”

“I just got tired of getting my ass whooped, so I figured I would learn how to fight,” he remarked, adding that while he used to be “a practice dummy” for the pair, “it’s not as easy to beat me up anymore.”

Detailing his fitness journey, the rapper — who released his new album, Rolling Papers 2, in July — said that while he initially studied jiu-jitsu for a month or two, it was only when he got into muay thai that his passion for MMA was really ignited.

“That’s when my mind changed to like, ‘OK, this is what I want to do,’ ” he explained. “I like the conditioning. I like the stand-up aspect of it. I like the footwork. So I was like I’m gonna f— with this a little more than jiu-jitsu.”

While Khalifa added that he was never bothered by his skinny frame, now that he’s older, he enjoys being a bit buffer.

“I was cool with being skinny before,” he explained. “But as a 30-year-old man, I like myself with more weight.”

Detailing his typical fitness routine, the rapper shared that since he started training at Unbreakable in Los Angeles, he’ll usually arrive around noon and workout for “about two to three hours” before grabbing a shake. Then it’s back to his home where he’ll “smoke some weed, hit the studio, be awesome.”

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The rapper went on to add that all his time in the gym meant increasing the amount of food he eats.

“I’m always hungry now,” he said, adding that he eats around “five times a day.”

Something else that helps Khalifa gain weight? The amount of marijuana he smokes.

“Smoking a ton of pot makes me hungry, so I gain weight,” he said.

While the rapper went on to share that he didn’t know whether his fans would ever see him in an MMA ring, Khalifa previously told TMZ Sports that he wouldn’t be going pro because he liked “rapping better.”

“You got to pay me a whole bunch of money to get me to fight, man,” he added.

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