Anna radiates warmth wherever she goes. As she arrived at our cover shoot you couldn’t wipe the smile off her face and everyone around her. The bubbly star sat down with us and chatted all things from body confidence, family and chocolate – the perfect combo. 

“There have been times in my life when I haven’t felt confident, times when I’ve been like, ‘I don’t like that part of my body.’ But I’m turning 30 in December [2016] and I’m probably more confident than ever. Every year that I get older I become more confident, I love myself more, I love my body more, and I just hope that everyone can kind of get to that stage.” 

“Every year that I grow older I become more in tune with who I am and I love my body more and more.” 

Anna has always lead a healthy lifestyle, she was a sporty superstar at school but she admits now that after finishing school it has been a lot harder to keep this up. After recently completing her first half marathon earlier this year her advice for beginners is that “the hardest step is signing up, once you’ve done that you can do anything!”

Her workout routine varies depending on her busy schedule, she follows a healthy lifestyle and tries to fit in 1-3 Body Pump classes a week and also incorporates some body weight exercises with boyfie Tim Robards. “The most important part of fitness is enjoying what you do.”

Anna and her partner Tim follow the 7-2-1 eating method. “So basically, 70 per cent of the time I eat very clean – a lot of vegetables, salad, our dinner’s mainly a piece of meat or salmon with vegies or salad. Twenty per cent is kind of moderately healthy – sensible – and 10 per cent is [more indulgent], like chocolate.”

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