When it comes to #fitpso, Roxy Jacenko is up there with the best. As well as managing her PR empire, running her own influencer agency and doting on her two kids, the 37-year-old is killing it when it comes to the health and wellness game. So when it comes to finding the time to work out and maintain a balanced diet, we can’t help but wonder exactly how she does it. That’s why WH hit her up to chat through all things food and fitness.   

What does your typical day on a plate look like? 

I always start my day with a skim piccolo before the gym. I’m straight at my desk afterwards and have one slice of vegemite toast with a fresh green juice for breakfast.

My go to lunch is always sushi –  10 cooked tuna mini rolls, and seared prawn on rice. In the afternoon, I’ll have a handful of fresh grapes from GrapeCo to tie me over.

Coming straight from work, I don’t have time to start cooking, so for dinner it will be one of my healthy salads from my new Chargrill Charlie’s range – ‘The Euro Glow’ which is a turmeric, chickpea and quinoa salad with grilled chicken or baked salmon for added protein. 

Cheat meal of choice?

A cheeseburger with extra gherkins!

Talk us through your fitness approach…

I’m not into cardio, I do weights and resistance training, lots of TRX. I’m not interested in being the fittest person. I want to be ripped and I want a four-pack.

My workout regimen now involves a 45-minute weight-based workout four times a week which I change up with Ben Lucas and Ryan at Flow Athletic and Dylan Rivier to keep it interesting.

@builtbydylan where are you?! Sleeping in I suppose !!!!

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Do you have a least favourite way to exercise?

Due to my cancer, I’ve had to have breast reconstruction recently so have only been able to focus on my lower stomach down. If I never have to do a squat again, I’ll be very happy!

When you can’t decide order both ?‍♀️ @bsktcafe #goldcoast

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Go-to pre and post-workout snacks?

Pre-workout – always a skim piccolo, I find it helps give me that boost of energy first thing in the morning.

Post workout – I don’t usually snack, it would be my breakfast (slice of vegemite toast). 

Your job requires you to be on the go all the time – how do you sustain your healthy habits?

I try not to snack and stick to three meals a day, that is the biggest thing for me. This is part of the reason I collaborated with Chargrill Charlie’s on my salad range – I’m time poor so can’t rush out to the grocery shop and spend time in the kitchen, so knowing I have a healthy meal option that is take away is vital. 

When the little ?’s come to visit me at work ?

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What do you do in your downtime to take the pressure off?

Whenever I’m not in the office, I’m spending time with the kids. Pixie and Hunter love swimming, so most weekends, Oli and I have been taking them down to the beach.

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