Move over snail mucin and CBD oils, ostrich egg yolks are the new buzzworthy skin-care ingredient.Antibodies humanely extracted from unfertilized egg yolks of ostriches are said to neutralize free-radicals and antigens formed on skin from everyday exposure to pollution and the elements to protect and help halt signs of aging. Those antibodies are the key ingredient in Adsorb, a leading professional skin-care brand in Japan from Zeal Cosmetics. Adsorb is now being distributed in North America by BioBoutique Beauty Lab founded by industry veteran Tom Winarick in partnership with Zeal. Adsorb already caught the interest of Neiman Marcus, which is selling it online and selected Adsorb to be featured in its recent Shop the Expo pop-up in partnership with Indie Beauty Expo at Fashion Island in Costa Mesa, Calif. Other luxury retailers are reported in the pipeline and industry sources believe Adsorb can achieve U.S. sales of $5 million in the first year.Although skin care from Japan is heralded by some as the next big trend, nudging out K-beauty, Winarick insisted this is more than a fad. “The heritage of the story and the data behind it gives credibility,” maintained Winarick, who also markets the Doll Face Beauty brand. “When people hear the story, they are impacted by the fact it is part of a bigger picture than just skin care. Research on using the antibodies also includes fighting cancer, influenza and other viruses like Zika and Ebola. Skin care was just the first to come to market because it is topical.” Adsorb has a farm with more than 300 ostriches.Ostriches, he elaborated, are the closest living relative to dinosaurs and among the oldest animals in the animal kingdom. Their longevity is tied to their strong immune systems. Japanese scientists plumb to retrieve the antibodies to fight free radicals and other health issues. The process and technology are globally patented. “It was so unique and the more I dug into the data, it really became compelling to me,” Winarick explained.Although there are 11 items in the full lineup, Winarick selected three to launch Stateside. The hero is the AntiBody Moist Essence Serum at $140, and is joined by the AntiBody Gel Cream ticketed at $130 and the Antibody Cleansing wash priced at $78. Adsorb operates an ostrich farm with 300 ostriches that are treated royally with special diets and exercise programs. Each ostrich produces up to 100 eggs annually. A single yolk supplies enough antibodies for 5,000 Adsorb products, providing a sustainable, cruelty-free resource.

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