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Looking for a simple full-body workout which will help build strength and tone your muscles?

You should consider investing in a resistance band. These simple tools can really elevate your workout to the next level – and they’re affordable and don’t take up much space.

Personal trainer and owner of Breathe Fitness, Anthony Mayatt, has shared a simple workout using resistance bands to get you started.

‘This is a simple full-body workout where you only need one resistance band,’ says Anthony.

‘However if you have more of varying level of resistance then you may want to use different ones depending how hard you want to work.’

One round of this workout will take roughly 10 minutes, so complete 2 rounds with a small rest between to hit that 20 minute target.

Feel free to go 3 rounds if you feel brave.

Full-body resistance band workout

The workout works on a 30/20 split, which means you exercise for 30 seconds with 20 seconds recovery to prepare for the next movement.

Ideally watch the video below to follow along for correct technique how to set up the resistance band properly for each exercise:

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Stand on the resistance band with your feet hip width or slightly wider.

Hold the band across your chest and drop your hips down as if sitting in a chair then slowly return to the start.

Shoulder press

Stand on the band holding it across your chest.

Press the band straight up overhead and slowly return to the chest position.

Squat and press

Perform the first 2 exercises together.

Perform a squat then as you stand press the band up into a shoulder press.

Side lunges

Step on the band with 1 foot and hold it across your chest.

Step out to the side with the foot that’s on the band, then bend that leg whilst keeping the other leg straight.

Perform 30 seconds on that side then place the resistance band on the other foot and repeat.

Bent over rows

Step on the band with both feet. Hinge forwards till your upper body is almost horizontal and hold the band with arms hanging straight down.

Pull it up keeping the elbows tucked in, pause then return to the start.

Push ups

Place the band around your hands plus wrapped around your back.

In a hand plank position with hands below the shoulders, lower the chest towards the floor, pause then return to start.

Can also be done on the knees to make it easier.


Same as the side lunge but instead of stepping out to the side, step forwards and bend the front knee, pause and return.

Once completed that set, swap the band to the other foot,

Hand plank

Same starting position as a push up but hold the position for the set time keeping the body in a straight line with the band wrapped around your back.

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