Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and other cast members teased ‘Supernatural’ fans with adorably youthful headshots in honor of #OldHeadshotDay.

Over the last 24 hours, the hashtag #OldHeadshotDay has been trending on various social media platforms as several celebrities have teased their fans with some of their earliest headshots. According to Entertainment Weekly, dozens of celebrities dug into their photo archives to join the trend.

Kathy Griffin, Sean Hayes, Dane DeHaan, Peyton Kennedy, Reba, Marisha Ray, and Jake Short are just a few of the actors and actresses who took part in the old headshot trend.

Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins, best known for their roles as Dean and Castiel on Supernatural, as well as several other members of the cast, decided to join the trend and tease fans with adorably youthful headshots.

On both Twitter and Instagram, Misha shared a headshot that was taken during his earlier 20s. He decided to poke a little fun at the headshot, noting that “It’s taken a lot of weight gain, but I’m happy to report that I’ve finally grown into that shirt.”

Unlike Misha, Jensen didn’t caption his throwback headshot with anything more than the #OldHeadshotDay hashtag. Jensen’s old headshot on Instagram received over 13,000 comments in 24 hours with fans gushing over his “smokey eyes” and adorable face. One fan asked if there was ever a time in Jensen’s life when he was unattractive.


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Many noted that the headshot appeared to be from around the time that Ackles starred on Days of Our Lives.

This headshot is me from back in my early 20’s. It’s taken a lot of weight gain, but I’m happy to report that I’ve finally grown into that shirt. #OldHeadshotDay

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Rob Benedict, who portrays God (and identifies as “Chuck Shurley”) on Supernatural, also decided to join #OldHeadshotDay trend, sharing an adorably youthful photo of himself.

Samantha Smith, who plays the role of Mary Winchester on Supernatural, also decided to participate by sharing a very youthful headshot of her own. According to Smith’s caption, the photo is from 1985 when she was just a teenager.

Even Jensen Ackles’ wife Danneel, who joined the Supernatural cast for Season 13 with the small reoccurring role of Sister Jo, decided to get in on the fun with her own old headshot.

I mean…. what am I doing to that piece of straw!!!?! I guess I’m trying to say that I can be fancy in a barn if need be …. or that I eat hay???? ???? #oldheadshotday ???? @bkheadshots

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Danneel notes in the caption of the photo she wasn’t really sure what she was doing with the piece of straw at the time. She believed she was either trying to “be fancy in a barn” or she was just trying to eat the hay canada drugs online

Briana Buckmaster, who plays the role of Sheriff Donna Hanscum on Supernatural, also decided to take to social media with a headshot in honor of #OldHeadshotDay.

FUN GUYS FUN! I wouldn’t want to run into this 23 year old in a rough part of town #oldheadshotday

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As fans of the series know, there are just a few episodes left in Season 13 of Supernatural. Those who missed Season 13 because they don’t have cable or those who just want to re-watch it will be able to find it on Netflix next month!

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