When you find activewear you’re obsessed with it can be hard to let it go. Even when the logo is peeling off and the edges are fraying – we persevere. But there are some parts of your gym wardrobe that need regular updating, and ignoring that loosening thread could actually be damaging your health. No joke. Here are the signs you need to replace your workout gear.


How often you need to replace your shoes is dependent on the kind of exercise you do and how often you do it, but the general rule of thumb is every six months to a year. There are also some obvious signs that you need to update your footwear, both on the shoes and your body. First try the twist test, holding your shoe at both ends and twisting. If it moves easily and doesn’t feel firm, its cushioning support has diminished too much. Next check out the tread, if it’s looking as bald as a newborn baby it’s time to invest in a new pair. Shin splints, aching joints and pain on the sides of your knees are all physical indicators that your shoes just aren’t cutting the mustard any more.

Sports Bras 

Again, how regularly you update your sports bras depends on how often you exercise, but Triumph recommends replacing them every six months to a year. If it’s looking a little worse for wear (think frayed elastics and faded fabrics) that’s a pretty obvious sign it’s time to move on. Another trick is to raise your hands above your head, if the band on the bra slides around it’s no longer locking your puppies in place. Also test the straps; if you can easily wiggle your fingers under them and feel little resistance it’s probably not doing its job properly. When you go to get a new one, get fitted by a professional so you can ensure you’re getting the best size and the best support. Triaction by Triumph is an excellent option, providing the broadest range of sports bras for women of all shapes, sizes and exercise preference.


An old pair of gym leggings aren’t going to cause damage to your body like unsupportive shoes or bras might. But unless you want your entire F45 class seeing what you had for breakfast every time you do a burpee, it’s best to keep an eye on your tights’ fade factor. Some brands need replacing every one to two years while others offer a lifetime guarantee.


Plenty of us are rocking tops that have lasted longer than relationships, but if yours is getting a bit too holey it might be time for an upgrade. Not for aesthetic reasons but for sun protection. It’s not something we often consider when it comes to workout gear but it’s important that if we’re exercising outside, we are properly covered up from those harsh Aussie rays.

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