Beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder, it’s literally in the eye of the subject.

A recent study published in the Personal and Social Psychology Bulletin has furthered the theory that the more defined your limbal rings – the dark ring around the iris of the eye – the more attractive you are to others.

In the three-part study, the participants viewed and rated a range of faces, some of which had limbal rings. They found that faces with limbal rings tended to be viewed as healthier and more attractive, an effect that was stronger for women eyeing off men for mating.

Limbal rings fluctuate with health and age, and their findings show that they serve as “veridical health cues” signifying an ideal short-term mate for reproduction.

“Very subtle facial features are able to communicate a wealth of information and certain portions of our perceptions and behaviours can be influenced by these subtle cues,” study author Mitch Brown told PsyPost.

“More specifically, people should think about limbal rings as a cue to short-term mate quality through its ability to communicate health. Even further, this work suggests that women are especially sensitive to these facial differences.”

Although it’s entirely down to genetics, age and lifestyle choices, if you’re really desperate you can cheat your way to attractiveness with these limbal ring contact lenses. 

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