The nightstand is your assistant for a significant part of the day, so it’s important that you stock it up with all the essential items you may need throughout those hours. Now, what’s essential can vary according to a person’s needs: for some, it’s essential to keep a book, while others prefer to keep mints to avoid bad morning breath. Unfortunately, most people don’t keep a cut up lemon at the nightstand, that’s for sure, because they don’t know the amazing benefits it can bring.

What Good does a Cut-up Lemon on Your Nightstand bring?

Keeping a piece of lemon or a lemon juice at your nightstand have the potential to do wonders in many aspects of your health

Lemon is a magical fruit. Its juice is refreshing in drinks, a rich source of Vitamin C, a natural preservative, and its zest can add that extra tinge to any dish. But now, according to Diane Elizabeth, who founded Skin Care Ox, simply cutting a piece of lemon and placing it on your nightstand every night before going to bed provides therapeutic effects. As you inhale the scent, your body releases positivity hormones that help reduce anxiety, stress, blood pressure, and allergies. The scent also improves attention, calmness, and productivity.

Elizabeth says the therapeutic benefits of lemon’s scent are already known. Since ages, lemon juice has been added in essential oils for aromatherapy. In aromatherapy, it is believed that lemon improves concentration and the respiratory system as well.

Non-Health Benefits

Apart from health-related benefits, lemon guarantees you other miracles as well

The cut-up lemon will keep the ants away from your bed and your nightstand, as ants just cannot stand the scent of lemon. If you have an ant problem, identify the source from where the ants are entering and rub lemon while squeezing out the juice on that entrance (to cut off their trail). Since ants require trail scent to move in line, the scent of the lemon will disrupt that trail and the ants will leave.

And if you have foul-smelling odour in the room sometimes, that will never happen again. A cut-up lemon will provide necessary air freshening to the air, deodorizing it all through the night so you can wake up to a nice smelling room in the morning.

Other Essential Items That Should Be on Your Nightstand

Ever wake up in the middle of the night and realize you’re extremely thirsty, but to have a sip of water you must make a long trip to the kitchen? Wouldn’t it be better if you placed a glass of water on your nightstand before going to bed? That is the power of being prepared. The point of the nightstand is to make your bedside experience fulfilling, so make sure you stock it properly with the following items.

A Kleenex Box

When you are snuggled up in bed reading your favorite book and feel a sneeze coming on, you don’t want to get out and fetch the tissue from the toilet. Place a box right on your nightstand so that tissue paper is within your reach at all times.

A Pen and a Paper

You should have a pen and a small notepad on you at all times, including when you are in bed. There is a chance you may be woken up in the middle of the night by a telephone call and must note something down. Ease the panic of the situation by having a pen and a paper within an arm’s reach.


If you have a landline, make sure one of the connections is set up on your nightstand. Any incoming call will have to wake you up, and that is possible only if the phone is right next to you when you sleep. Also, it saves you a trip to the living room, so that is an advantage.

A Flashlight

This is unconventional, but necessary preparation in case of a natural disaster. Not only that, in case of a power outage, you need a flashlight to navigate through the house. You risk injuring yourself if you move in the dark.

The aim is simple: once you snuggle into your bed, you shouldn’t have to get out till it’s time to wake up in the morning. Hence, place whatever you think you may need during your time in bed.

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