Lyniate, which develops data integration and interoperability tools, announced on Tuesday that it will merge with CareCom, which specializes in healthcare terminology management.

The two companies have worked together for many years and already have several joint customers; the merger builds on that partnership, they said, and aims to offer healthcare clients “one-stop shopping” for a interoperability and data governance tools – including CareCom’s HealthTerm and CareIndexing technologies and Lyniate’s Corepoint and Lyniate Rhapsody interface engines.

CareCom’s terminology management tools enable cross-mapping healthcare terminologies into standardized data, helping clients manage more complete and accurate patient information, helping improve care quality and reduce clinician burden.

Its tools manage all major healthcare vocabularies, including diagnostic and procedure codes, and support FHIR terminology management and mapping, value set management and conversion of unstructured data into discrete, interoperable information.

This merger builds on Lyniate’s merger with NextGate, which specializes in patient identity data management, this past March.

In other news, Epic announced in April that it will collaborate with Lyniate to enable the data integration requirements of its new Garden Plot offering, a software as a service model for independent medical groups and physicians.

Healthcare IT News Managing Editor Bill Siwicki spoke earlier this year with Lyniate’s chief strategy officer Drew Ivan, about TEFCA and other nationwide interoperability imperatives.

“Interoperability challenges exist at multiple levels, and we see semantic integration as integral to meaningful data exchange,” said Lyniate CEO Erkan Akyuz about the CareCom merger. “So much critical information is effectively locked away behind different standards of language, and our customers are eager to normalize and aggregate that data to build more complete and accurate records.

“This merger supports our strategy to continue to offer flexible, best of breed, and connected interoperability capabilities to better meet clinician needs and advance the standards of excellence in this rapidly evolving industry,” he added.

“Lyniate and CareCom share a vision for person-to-person interoperability that supports freedom of expression and is unconstrained by data location or format,” added Jacob Boye Hansen, president and founder of CareCom. “This next phase of growth brings our customers additional resources, including compliance like ISO 27001.” 

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