King Charles III visits Luton Town Hall

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Vision Express says bloodshot eyes “is a common condition that occurs when the blood vessels in the surface of your eyes rupture, giving the whites of your eye a pink or reddish colour”.

The main symptoms of bloodshot eyes are:
• Irritated eyes
• Burning sensation
• Constant itchiness
• Dryness
• Mild to severe eye pain
• Discharge
• Watery eyes
• Blurred vision
• High sensitivity to bright light.

In common with other conditions, there are a number of potential causes of bloodshot eyes.

These include:
• A scratched eyeball
• Being awake all night
• Spending too long looking at screens or a book
• Reading in poor light
• Drinking too much alcohol.

However, there are several types of bloodshot eyes such as allergies, dry eyes, eye infections, pink eye, blepharitis, and complications from surgery.

Belpharitis, says Vision Express, occurs, when “your eyelids and eyelashes become inflamed as a result of poor eyelid and lash hygiene”.

The experts added: “The oil builds up in your glands and blocks your eyelid glands, causing your lids and lashes to become infested with bacteria.

“With the eyelid glands of your eyes blocked, you may experience a burning sensation in your eyes, itching, swollen eyelids, and a bloodshot eyeball.

“In some cases, bloodshot eyes may need immediate care. Visit one of our optometrists for an eye examination.”

Meanwhile, allergies can also trigger bloodshot eyes which can be one of the symptoms. Vision Express experts say: “Irritants like pollen, dust, perfume, smoke, and mould are usually responsible for aggravating our eyes and causing them to become bloodshot.”

Although irritants may not be a problem, dryness could.

During the winter, eyes can become strained by the cold dry air. The vision health provider says: “When eyes are deprived of natural moisture (both moisture from the air and moisture from the body’s hydration), eyes tend to tear up.

“This is because they are lacking in lubricant that our eyes need to see clearly. Blood vessels and membranes in the eyes can stretch apart, resulting in mild or intense eye pain, redness, corneal ulcers, and in extreme cases, even loss of vision.”

On the other hand, the King could be suffering from an eye infection: “Eye infections result in the inflammation of the eyelash follicles and the membrane that protects the eye’s surface, causing a sore bloodshot eye.

“When an eye is infected, additional fluids are produced to protect the eye from foreign substances, such as dust.

“If you have a bloodshot eye on one side only, it’s more likely to be from an infection than from an allergy.”

However, in this case, the King is suffering from not one, but two bloodshot eyes.

How bloodshot eyes are treated

Vision Express experts say: “Eye drops are the most common method of treatment when it comes to red, bloodshot eyes. However, do not take matters into your own hands.

“Visit an optometrist and let them determine which type of eye drop is most suitable. Often, bloodshot eyes are caused by a lack of sleep, and the only proper treatment is to have a good night’s rest.

“You may want to use lubricating drops to keep your eyes hydrated, so your eyes don’t get bloodshot as often.”

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