Kate Ritchie is one busy woman.

When’s she not mothering Mae, 3, she’s hosting the drive show on Nova, repping major brands like Jockey, QV and Target, oh, and did we mention she’s managed to write a popular children’s book in between all that?

Hello, high achiever.

The 39-year-old is the first to admit that she hasn’t got the whole work/life balance thing down pat but she’s happy to share what she’s learnt along the way.

Have your health and fitness habits changed since becoming a mum?

Absolutely, I don’t think my regime has necessarily changed but my attitude towards it certainly has. Exercise and well being is less about fitting into my Target jean size and more about longevity. I was impressed with my body and what it was capable of during pregnancy and childbirth and I have a newfound respect for it so my choices are now based on showing it a little TLC and hoping it returns the favour.

How has your relationship with your body changed as you’ve gotten older?

The biggest change in the relationship with my body is that I have stopped comparing it to others which in turn has given me a new found confidence which didn’t previously exist. Maybe that is part of the reason I even agreed to take on the role as Jockey ambassador and basically strip down to my underwear. Something I would have declined politely in the past! I now realise the greatest satisfaction comes from being the best version of myself (mind AND body) not anyone else…

What do you wish you had known 10 years ago?

That life after Home and Away was going to be very good to me. Very generous and rewarding. Both personally and professionally.

Do you have any tips for achieving work/life balance?

I am hesitant to give any tips relating to work/life balance as I am still trying to figure that out myself… I do believe that in order to achieve a level of balance in these areas I have to relinquish a great deal of control and this has been a tough task for someone who has live by a strict schedule since the age of eight. I now realise I am not going to get everything done in the fashion I would hope for – all of the time. And that is OKAY! I also know that I am a better person, mother, colleague, when I seperate the two clearly and have no guilt about time spent. It’s the only way to be effective and calm during the process.

Goodbye for now my beautiful babe ?????☀️?

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What’s your favourite way to workout?


What health fads have you tried and hated or loved?

Thankfully I have never been a follower of fads although, I must confess that my mother put me on the cabbage soup diet many many moons ago! And that never ends well for anyone!

What’s the best health or fitness tip anyone has ever given you?

Avoid alcohol and put your phone to flight mode during the night. I still struggle with abiding by both.

What does your day on a plate look like?

I always prided myself on eating well at breakfast. That was until my daughter arrived and, until very recently, have survived on her leftover scrambled eggs or the crusts of vegemite toast! Recently we have started making smoothies in the morning which is a wonderful activity and fuels us both beautifully. I try to limit myself to one coffee a day (double shot) which I usually have after the gym. On an average day lunch is late for me and often when I wander into the Nova offices before the show. It’s a salad, a homemade sandwich or crackers and loads of avocado, tuna and lemon – and probably way too much salt and pepper. I eat a lot of fish at the end of the day. Sashimi if i’m well planned or steamed ocean trout with a salad or rice. I do love a lamb cutlet though and will often cook them to sit on a an enormous bed of quinoa roast vegetables and feta. My diet is pretty balanced and nutritious providing I stay away from the snack cupboard at work. I would never buy a bag of chips or eat chocolate and biscuits at home but it seems the rules are different between 4-6pm weekdays… I blame the stress of working with Tim and Marty.

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