The road to motherhood hasn’t been easy for Jamie King. The model-turned-actress, 39, who you probably know from the hit TV show Hart of Dixie, has openly discussed her past fertility struggles. Today, though, she’s the happy mom of two young boys, and is focused on raising them with the same healthy habits she has come to adopt. King recently joined forces with LensCrafters to host an eye-healthy cooking class in New York City, where we were lucky enough to have the chance to grill her on all things self-care and motherhood.

On what she does daily to maintain a strong body and soul

“Make sure to love yourself like you would love your child or your spouse or your partner or best friend,” King says. “Self-love is the best care.” 

King stays active with yoga (it “changed my life”) and loves to meditate, telling us she believes there’s a form of the practice that can work for anyone. “Don’t judge yourself if you’re thinking of other things,” she says. “Simply breathing is really important.”

King also tells us she makes a point to stay well hydrated and prefers to follow an anti-inflammatory diet.

On her struggle with endometriosis

King has endometriosis, a condition which causes endometrial tissue to move outside the uterus and onto to nearby body parts, and urges all women to become familiar with its symptoms. “Stay on your doctors to get checked for this,” she says. “When we protect our reproductive health, we protect our fertility and we protect, ultimately, ourselves, our relationships, our friendships, everything.”

On motherhood

Ever since her sons were babies, King tells us she’d make a point to convey to them if she was going to pick them up and what she would be doing next as a way to teach them about the importance of “consent” and “honoring them as human beings.”

“I think that when you instill that [compassion and empathy] in your children, that’s one of the best foundations that you can give,” she says. “Rather than me pushing some kind of idea or agenda on my kids, I really just pay attention to what they’re interested in and follow their lead into that.”

On self-care

“Whatever it is you want to call it, or whatever it is that you believe in, believing in something that’s bigger than you to let you know that you’re being taken care of,” she says. And, of course, we can’t talk about self-care without asking about beauty. King’s skincare go-to? Products by Dr. Barbara Sturm, which are sold at,,, and others.

“[The line] so efficient,” she says. “It’s clean, clear, and again, it’s all about anti-inflammation.”

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