Fast food restaurant workers have been sharing some alleged ‘secrets’ of famous chains.

Staff from the UK and the US say there are a few things best avoided at the establishments, including ice cream and fizzy drinks from fountains.

More than 1,600 people responded to a Reddit user who asked: "Chain restaurant workers of Reddit, which meal should we avoid at all costs?"

One mentioned self-serve ice cream machines as a possible cause for concern, while another said soda fountains are also something to think about.

One apparent employee said they pulled a "chunk of mould" from the fizzy drink dispenser at Ruby Tuesdays in the US.

Another said they found "green fungus" on the ice cream machine in another popular fast food restraurant. They claimed cleaning didn’t happen regularly enough. It’s been said before.

Of course, these are employee claims and any fast food establishment would dispute them. Most abide by incredibly strict cleaning policies and hygiene standards.

US president Donald Trump eats so much fast food for precisely that reason – they’re consistent and reliable. Still, not everyone thinks so.

Here are some responses:

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