DrChrono, developer of electronic health records, practice management, revenue cycle and other ambulatory software for Apple devices, is introducing leasing bundle plans to help medical practices replace their outdated computer hardware with new Apple machines.

DrChrono says it's the first such hardware concierge from an EHR company, and it aims to help ambulatory providers modernize and personalize the technology to their particular needs. There are three "bundles" – one aimed at small practices, one aimed at large practices, and one custom package designed around current and future hardware needs, officials said.

The bundles include MacBook Pro, iPad Pros, Apple TV and Airport Extreme and in some cases, devices such as iPhones and Apple Watch.

The fact that so many physician practices are still equipped with older, legacy software and outdated hardware isn't just a challenge for physician workflow and productivity. It can also be a security risk. Outmoded hardware can also adversely impact the physician-patient experience, DrChrono points out, noting that modern mobile tools can help improve the face-to-face interaction between patients and doctors.

Cost is another benefit, said Jim Griffin, president and chief operating officer of Direct Orthopedic Care, a multi-state Orthopedic Urgent Access Clinic, who said the bundles' monthly lease payments are preferable to the large capital expenditures for hardware that often come with growth.

"That is important for us as we’re currently running eight clinics and will be opening another 10 locations in the next 12 months," Griffin said in a DrChrono news release. "This offering is the clinic-in-a-box for software and IT that we’ve been looking for and will make a big difference as we scale."

The leasing program allows for medical practices to upgrade on a timely schedule and keep the practice up-to-date, according to DrChrono, which offers refresh cycles every one, two or three years.

"Physicians should have the best tools at hand," said Daniel Kivatinos, COO and co-founder of DrChrono, in a statement. "Clipboards, paper, COWs, DVDs and fax machines are not efficient; physicians only have so much time in a day and shouldn’t have to deal with antiquated tools that slow them down. Everything should be at the fingertips of a doctor when they need it digitally."

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